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Netflix viewers consider ‘flawless’ mystery thriller ‘one of greatest TV shows ever made’

Netflix viewers consider ‘flawless’ mystery thriller ‘one of greatest TV shows ever made’

Netflix viewers have branded this series 'one of greatest TV shows ever made' but you might not have heard of it

Ask someone what they think the greatest Netflix series ever is and you'll probably get one of the streaming site's blockbuster shows such as Stranger Things, Wednesday or Squid Game as an answer.

However any Netflix aficionado or cult TV viewer will tell you there's plenty more hidden gems hiding behind the streamer's biggest shows - and you've likely never even heard of them.

The show is still picking up new fans. (Netflix)
The show is still picking up new fans. (Netflix)

Enter Dark, a lesser known German-language TV series which will make the most mind-bending of shows look mundane.

Set in the fictional German town of Winden, the series sees the small town rocked by the disappearance of two children. Simple right?

Well the series is in-fact a bit more complicated than a show about missing children, with several of the completely mind-boggling plot twists leaving you thinking 'is there anything this show won't do?'

The disappearances send four of the town's families into a wild, multi-generational mystery hunt which sees the concept of time-travel and parallel universes stretched beyond belief.

The series focuses on teenager Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) as he finds himself destined to untangle the town's deepest mysteries, encountering several unnerving and uncanny figures along the way.

Dark originally premiered in 2017 and ran for three full seasons until its finale in 2020. However four years on and the series still holds a special place in viewers' hearts.


Posting about the show on Facebook, one user shared her surprise that more people haven't watched the show, writing: "I find it amazing that so many people have never heard of this show.

"It's incredible and flawless in my opinion, give it all of your attention and it will blow you away. One of greatest TV shows ever made."

"In my top 10 of best series I’ve watched. Such a clever story & great characters," one person replied, while another added: "It was a great show, very interesting, twists and really makes you think."


It's not just viewers who are full of praise for Dark either, with critic reviews being overwhelmingly positive for the show.

The Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese created series is currently rated an impressive 95% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, with each season receiving scores of 90%, 100% and 97% respectively.

"Watching Dark's third and final season is like clutching the hand of a person who's dangling from a helicopter over a vast canyon-you're just holding on for dear life, desperate to maintain your grip on the wild situation," The Daily Beast summarised in their review, while The New York Times branded the show 'stranger and better' than Stranger Things.

Looks like we've sorted your next Netflix binge!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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