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Outnumbered siblings reunite 14 years since show first aired

Outnumbered siblings reunite 14 years since show first aired

The Outnumbered siblings have reunited a decade on since the show came to an end

The cast of Outnumbered have reunited a decade after the hit series came to an end.

For years, millions tuned in to see what chaotic scenes the Brockmans had found themselves in, usually at the hands of their three children, Ben (Daniel Roche), Karen (Ramona Marquez), and Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey).

Together the kids wreaked havoc for anyone and everyone they came into contact with, especially their parents, Sue and Pete, played by Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis.

Now, you might remember that late last year a photo started doing the rounds showing the trio back together, with rumours of a reunion.

Well, it turns out, they finally got the gang back together in aid of Red Nose Day.

In photos shared with LADbible, the former on-screen siblings - now decidedly much older - have thrown their support behind the charity.

Over the years, there have been a number of Outnumbered RND specials, with Ben giving Andy Murray a run for his money and Karen trying to convince her mum that a bridesmaid dress is perfect school attire.

The Outnumbered siblings got the band back together.
Red Nose Day

Speaking about the reunion, Drew-Honey said Red Nose Day was always important for the series.

"I have special memories of Red Nose Day, especially our days spent filming the Red Nose Day specials," he said.

"I was a little bit older than the others, so I had more of an idea of the concept of what Red Nose Day was.

"I could appreciate it was a really good cause and that we were doing something that was really helping people whilst putting a smile on people’s faces.

“Getting back together to honour this year’s Red Nose Day was such good fun, and whilst this year we’re not causing chaos on British TV screens, we were able to try on the new Noses and snap a few photos.”

Roche said he loved taking part in the Red Nose Day specials back in the day.

"I will always remember meeting Andy Murray and how friendly and patient he was when I was peppering him with questions and tennis advice," he said.

The trip got back together to support Red Nose Day.
Red Nose Day

"Twelve years on from our last special, it‘s great to be back together to make some more Red Nose Day memories, help to raise some funds and have a laugh!”

Marquez, who was only seven-years-old when the first Red Nose Day special was filmed, said: “I always remember the Red Nose Day events that we got to go to, they were great. I was really young but I remember all the celebrities coming together for Comic Relief, and I knew it was really cool to be involved in the Red Nose Day specials.

"I especially liked the specials because I remember that we got to wear our own clothes and at the time, that was a big deal!”

Each of this year's Red Nose comes with a special QR code that takes you to the Red Nose Day Joke Generator, in collaboration with Amazon Web Service (AWS), which reels off a no doubt hilarious gag.

There are four fun characters to collect as well as a limited edition ‘Gold’ Nose.

You can pick up your own Red Nose, just like the cast of Outnumbered, from Amazon now at

Featured Image Credit: Red Nose Day

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