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Sam Thompson forced to return I'm A Celebrity prize after winning show

Sam Thompson forced to return I'm A Celebrity prize after winning show

The Jungle King had to hand his prizes back over despite winning the show.

Sam Thompson is still basking in the glory of his jungle win and it looks like he intends to do so for as long as he can.

Instead of resuming his usual Instagram posts of him annoying best pal Pete Wicks and girlfriend Zara McDermott with pranks, he now shares clips of him driving them insane with constant I'm A Celeb trivia.

And who can blame him? He's fulfilled his childhood dream of meeting 'his heroes' Ant and Dec, completed a string of tough trials, made a host of new famous friends and took home the crown on this year's show.

The King of the Jungle said it wasn't 'monetary or a career move', he simply just wanted to experience life in the Australian bush with a load of random celebrities - and hoped he could bring home a souvenir.

However, there was one tiny snag in Sam's I'm A Celeb experience - the fact that he came home empty handed and was 'stripped' of his winning prize.

The radio presenter said he has nothing to show for his incredible victory, despite a lot of viewers presuming he would have filled his jungle bag pack with as much memorabilia as he could.

Sam didn't let to keep hold of his jungle souvenirs.

He discussed his lack of prizes during an appearance on This Morning on Monday (18 December) alongside Strictly Come Dancing champ Ellie Leach and her partner Vito Coppola.

The Corrie actress was proudly clutching her Glitterball trophy, while Sam was sat twiddling his thumbs on the sofa.

Presenters Josie Gibson, who came fourth in this year's I'm A Celeb, and Craig Doyle asked the Jungle King what he had won and why he hadn't brought anything along with him, prompting him to reveal he had to give his prizes back.

The former Made in Chelsea star said: "I didn't get to keep anything! They wouldn't let me keep anything!"

Sam said he wasn't even able to hang on to the iconic crown and sceptre which the jungle winner is awarded.

The King of the Jungle wanted to try and get the sceptre through customs.

I'm sure ITV producers trying to prise that out of his hand was quite comical.

"I had to give the sceptre back. I really wanted to bring it through airport security because it's quite big," he laughed.

"But yeah, I don't have anything to show for it."

As well as being unable to hold on to any keepsakes, Sam didn't get a bumper bonus in his pay cheque either - as the price agreed for their jungle stint is all that contestants receive.

Winning is just a bonus - and Sam said he would have 'paid them' to be on the show he was that keen.

But knowing the British public like you the best? That's priceless.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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