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The Simpsons writer explained how show predicts so many events as 30-year-old joke comes true

The Simpsons writer explained how show predicts so many events as 30-year-old joke comes true

The Simpsons always seems to be predicting real life

The Simpsons might be responsible for timeless memes, unforgettable quotes and iconic characters, but it’s also known for predicting the future.

Yep, even when conspiracy theories don’t seem to pop up about something, the animated show manages to somehow foresee an event and now, a writer has explained how.

Whether it be the Glasgow Wonka-inspired event last month or the UK’s cost of living crisis, fans are always drawing similarities between the show and real life.

And most recently, an almost 30-year-old joke from The Simpsons came true.

Back in May 1996, the ‘Homerpalooza’ episode aired on Fox when Homer attempted to become a carnival freak at a music festival to impress Bart and Lisa.

But it also featured a celebrity appearance from hip hop group Cypress Hill consisting of B-Real, Sen Dog and Eric Bobo.

And a roadie walking through backstage with a gang of tuxedo-clad guys clutching classical instruments yelled: "Hello bands, who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra?"

Cypress Hill appeared on the show almost 30 years ago.

"Come on people somebody ordered a London Symphony Orchestra...possibly while high," he joked. "Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction."

Despite it being an unlikely combination, they joined forces – something that is now coming true.

Cypress Hill have announced they will in fact be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall on 10 January.

The group said: "We are thrilled to be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in such a prestigious venue as the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a dream come true, a collaboration only The Simpsons could have predicted."

But you can’t deny how mad it seems that the animation seems to be able to predict these things and long-time writer and original crew member said it’s not down to any magic powers.

Speaking with NME, Al Jean said it's simply a case of luck and longevity.

The Simpsons eerily predicts things.

"If you write 700 episodes, and you don't predict anything, then you're pretty bad. If you throw enough darts, you're going to get some bullseyes," he said.

But he did add that some of the predictions are quite ‘crazy’.

Other things the show seems to have eerily predicted include Donald Trump as US president, the covid-19 pandemic and Lady Gaga flying into a stadium.

"The 9/11 one is so bizarre," Jean said. "In the World Trade Center episode, there was a brochure reading $9 a day with an 11 styled up like the towers. That was in '96, which was crazy, like this insane coincidence. But mostly it's just educated guesses."

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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