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Fans urge people to watch 'comedy gold' new Seth MacFarlane series after finishing show now available to watch in the UK

Fans urge people to watch 'comedy gold' new Seth MacFarlane series after finishing show now available to watch in the UK

The show is a prequel to the popular 2012 film

Comedy fans are being urged to check out the new series from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Ted, which is a spin-off prequel series of the movie of the same name, is set in 1993 and centers on teen John Bennett (played by Max Burkholder) and his best pal Ted - a teddy bear that magically comes to life after John makes a wish as a child.

Ted is voiced by MacFarlane who also produced and directed the show.

The seven-parter was released in the UK on Friday and viewers have already raced through the lot and taken to social media to pile on the praise.

One user wrote: "I have started watching the Ted series. And I gotta say its REALLY good. Like early Family Guy good."


Another added: “Well, I just watched the entire first season of Ted. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It gave me that same feeling I used to get when watching the early seasons of Family Guy."

While a third commented: "The Ted series. Everything you remember enjoying about Family Guy from your youth, without the excessive cutaways."

Ted holds a very respectable 8 out of 10 on IMDb, where one fan said: “Wasn't fully sure what to expect from this but honestly it was pretty awesome!

“Seth McFarlane really did not disappoint here! I will say this though although the main protagonists are Ted and Jonny for me personally the Dad complete stole the show. If you have seen the show you will know exactly what I mean Scott Grimes I salute you. So freaking hilarious.

The Ted TV series has been well-received by fans.

“I read somewhere Seth would bring us a season two depending on popularity and audience requirements. Which judging by the reviews on the page may make it a high possibility!

“Comedy gold this show so if you are wondering whether to give it a go I suggest you do.”

And a second wrote: "The writing is beyond words. Amazing. Acting is great. Story is fantastic

“My one and only complaint: there are only seven episodes and they say it's a mini series.


You can stream Ted on Sky and NOW today.

Featured Image Credit: Peacock

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