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People saying new Seth MacFarlane series which drops in UK today is better than prime Family Guy

People saying new Seth MacFarlane series which drops in UK today is better than prime Family Guy

The new series has been well received by fans and is out in the UK today

The new Seth MacFarlane series has got fans comparing it to Family Guy because of how funny it is.

Family Guy is one of the longest standing and memorable comedy TV shows, and is known as MacFarlane's magnum opus, but his new series might just come close to it.

The hilarious series is a spin-off of one of creator MacFarlane's most successful movies and, unlike a lot of other spin-offs, it's being highly praised by critics and fans alike.

One fans said it was 'like early Family Guy good'.

Ted is being released in the UK today.

Ted was released in 2012, starring Mark Wahlberg as John and MacFarlane himself as the titular character.

When as a lonely kid, John wishes his teddy bear would come to life and become his best friend, his wish comes true - but with some unexpected consequences.

John, now 35, is still inseparable from his cuddly toy best pal, but the bear now has a foul mouth and a raging libido.

John slowly realises his relationship with Ted might just ruin his chances of love and happiness.




The movie grossed $549 million at the worldwide box office, becoming one of the most successful films of the year.

The sequel was released three years later to less success, but fans were still thrilled when it was announced that a series on their favourite teddy was being made.

The TV series was released on Peacock earlier this year, and fans in the UK have been eagerly waiting to watch it ever since.

Luckily though, the wait is over.

See the trailer here:

Ted will be available to stream on Sky and NOW today (Friday 9 February).

Fans have already been praising it on social media.

One user wrote: "I have started watching the Ted series. And I gotta say its REALLY good. Like early Family Guy good."

Another added: “Well, I just watched the entire first season of Ted. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It gave me that same feeling I used to get when watching the early seasons of Family Guy."

While a third commented: "The Ted series. Everything you remember enjoying about Family Guy from your youth, without the excessive cutaways."

The Ted TV series has been well-received by fans.

There is no official confirmation about a second season for the show but MacFarlane hasn’t ruled it out if there is enough appetite from fans.

He told The Wrap: "I think we felt after Ted 2 that maybe the appetite for Ted in that forum was not quite as ravenous as it was after the first movie. So I don’t know, there would have to be a reason to do it.

"There has to be an audience for something like this. You don’t want to just keep rehashing the same character if no one’s watching. I guess there’s a lot of that today anyway, but it’s not really our first order of business, there really has to be an appetite.”

While showrunner Brad Walsh admitted they were 'certainly open to it'.

You can stream Ted on Sky and NOW today.

Featured Image Credit: Peacock

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