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The Boys viewers 'almost throw up' watching grim ice skating scene in season 4

The Boys viewers 'almost throw up' watching grim ice skating scene in season 4

Make sure to go in on an empty stomach...

Even if it’s what we all sign up for watching The Boys, some scenes can still be a hard watch from time to time.

Whether it be the bizarre d**k scene from season 3, anything from the ‘Herogasm’ episode, or one of the many, many exploding heads throughout the series – everyone has a scene that made them squirm.

With the newest season dropping the first three episodes this week, there have been multiple new scenes which could fulfil that role.

The Boys is back. (Prime Video)
The Boys is back. (Prime Video)

One in particular that got a huge reaction was an X-Rated scene from episode two, which parodied a film that has been called the ‘most depraved piece of media ever made’ at points.

But that isn’t the one to have got the biggest reactions surprisingly, as one scene in episode three was so grim it had some viewers ‘almost throwing up’.

Check out the scene here and be warned... it is gruesome.

One fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to say: “The ice skating scene from the boys almost made me throw up.”


One more said: “Episode 3 really heightened my irrational fear of ice skating.”

The discussion continued on reddit, where commenters on a post in the subreddit r/TheBoys said the same.

They said: “The skates cutting through the actor’s fingers is a real legit fear of mine every time I go ice skating. Now, I have an actual video to show my friends how scary it is to me”.

Karl Urban and Antony Starr in The Boys.
Prime Video

Season four may be more gruesome than we’ve seen before in a way that’s causing some viewers to lose their lunch – but the newest series has seen an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans.

The show’s newest season has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes so far, and the third episode has a rating of 8.3 on IMDb.

One review on IMDb of the episode read: “This episode is among the best episodes I've seen in recent years, Hughie gets more layered this episodes which was great to see.

“This show just really gets better and better”.

Empire gave the new season a score of 4/5, saying: “The Boys’ latest season is its best yet, finding new ways to up the ante for both superpowered outrageousness and meaningful character drama. Wherever it goes next, we will gladly follow.”

As for where The Boys goes next – we now have more details on that, with showrunner Eric Kripke confirming that the show would be ending after the fifth season.

Whatever they do next in this universe though, we will all be watching.

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