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Friends actor 'lined up as first star for UK's celebrity version of The Traitors'

Friends actor 'lined up as first star for UK's celebrity version of The Traitors'

It's not the first time she's donned the infamous Traitors hood

Speculation abounds that the wildly successful show The Traitors will be bringing a celebrity version to the UK.

We've had two seasons of the game show now and everyone involved has been a bona fide member of the public.

However, other formats of The Traitors have dabbled in the world of celebrity, with the US version being the most famous as for their first season, they mixed and matched celebs and the public while for their second season they went with a full celebrity lineup.

Claudia Winkleman already has some ideas of the celebrities she'd want on the show.

And for some reason John Bercow - former speaker of the House of Commons - but American audiences have been warming to him and his speeches at the round table.

Anyhow, The Sun is claiming that a celebrity version of The Traitors is in the works for British audiences and that Claudia Winkleman has lined up a Friends star to be part of it.

They're claiming that Winkleman has peered through her distinctive fringe into the pages of her contact book and picked out Friends star Courteney Cox to appear in The Traitors.

It wouldn't be the first time she's been involved with something Traitors related, as during a promo for the second season of the show Winkleman encouraged people to apply while stood beside a figure cloaked in the hooded robe of the show's devious participants.

This hooded figure then revealed herself to be Cox, who made a show of being disappointed that according to UK rules on the show it was 'no celebrities'.

It would be quite the coup for a potential celebrity version of The Traitors to bring in Courteney Cox.

Then again it'd also be a perfect opportunity for Claudia Winkleman to cross over to the other side and give the game a go herself.

She might be the perfect host for the show but it'd be quite something to see how she got on as a Traitor or a Faithful.

Meanwhile, Winkleman has previously said which famous faces she'd pick to be on a celebrity special of The Traitors if she had the chance.

Speaking at a press launch for the second season of the show, Winkleman said she thought she actually wouldn't be very good at the game and named Victoria Coren Mitchell, Stephen Fry and Adam Woodyatt as her picks.

It's a good fit, don't you think?

She also wanted Andrew Garfield to be in it, and he is a fan of the show.

As for season three of The Traitors, there's still time to apply here.

The BBC told LADbible 'no comment' about the possibility of a celebrity version of The Traitors featuring Courteney Cox, so make of that what you will.

LADbible has contacted Courteney Cox's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC / NBC

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