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Chris Tarrant denies row with Tyson Fury and claims they've never even met

Chris Tarrant denies row with Tyson Fury and claims they've never even met

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter dismissed the claims after Fury recalled the fight in his Netflix series

Former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host Chris Tarrant has denied having an argument with Tyson Fury after the boxer claimed on his Netflix series the pair had a 'big row'.

Fans have learned all sorts of new details about Fury and his family thanks to his new series At Home With The Furys, but apparent beef between Fury and Tarrant is definitely up there with the more unexpected revelations.

During the series, Fury claimed the bust-up took place when he encountered Tarrant at Gleneagles in Scotland.

"I had a big row with Chris Tarrant the last time I was there," he said.

Fury, who is a dad-of-five, didn't offer any further detail about the argument, but laughed as he appeared to recall the memory.

Fans have naturally been desperate to find out more about what went down at the luxury hotel, with one Netflix user writing: "Did @Tyson_Fury say he had an argument with Chris Tarrant? I'd love to know what that was over."

As it turns out, though, there might not have been an argument at all.

Tyson Fury shares insights to his life on Netflix.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Tarrant dismissed Fury's claims and insisted they couldn't have argued, because they've barely even crossed paths.

"It is complete nonsense!" the TV presenter claimed. "I’ve never even met him. My wife and I got into a crowded lift with Tyson in it. We didn’t even speak and I got out at the next floor."

Tarrant went on to make clear there was 'no row' during this brief lift journey, adding: "Not a word was exchanged and we never saw him again! So I’ve still never met him.

"He is one of the greatest boxers I’ve ever seen, why on earth would I have a row with him? This is rubbish."

Chris Tarrant said the fight claims were 'nonsense'.
Mike Marsland via Getty

It's unclear why Fury would make up an argument he'd never had, but the claim came about after Fury decided to take his wife, Paris, to Scotland for a few days.

His plan was short-lived, however, as he declared the very next day that he didn't want to go any more.

"If you didn't want to go, why don't you just man up and say you don't want to go?" Paris told Fury.

He was candid with his response, saying: "I don't want to go. I can't be bothered. I never want to go anywhere.

"Can't be a**ed with a six hour drive. I won't pack. I'll wear these clothes for three days, to train in, eat, sleep, drink in.

"Can't believe we're talking about it, arguing about it, whatever you wanna call it, not interested."

His attempts to back out might have been for the best - he could get into a row with anyone at this rate.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Mike Marsland via Getty

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