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People shocked after win percentage for each chaser on The Chase is revealed

People shocked after win percentage for each chaser on The Chase is revealed

The statistics have stunned fans of the ITV show who thought they had the quizzers worked out

We've all been sat on the sofa watching an episode of The Chase and thought we could triumph over one of the quizzers.

You might of spotted a few gaps in their knowledge or noticed one isn't as speedy as the others, leaving you confident you could conquer a certain someone.

Literally every Brit has got a Chaser in the back of their mind that they'd be willing to take on.

Now, there are some statistics that could help you make a more informed decision if you ever get the chance to compete on The Chase.

Someone has crunched the numbers to find out which of the 'Sensational Six' might be the easiest to beat.

The Chasers' winning percentages have been ranked.

By tallying up the number of episodes they have appeared on with their wins and losses, it gives you the win percentage of each quiz master.

Combined, they have a track record of 76.2 percent of triumphs between them - so Beat the Chasers contestants, beware.

Now, let's get onto who really wears the crown when it comes to general knowledge.

Mark 'The Beast' Labbett is one of the Chasers.

The figures, shared by X user @StokeyyG2, found that I'm A Celeb star Anne Hegerty is the most formidable quizzer.

She came out on top with an enviable winning percentage of 79.3 after appearing in a whopping 449 episodes.

The 65-year-old scored 356 wins and 93 losses throughout her time on The Chase. Good for The Governess!

Darragh Ennis, better known as The Menace, came in second place after winning 79 percent of his games, according to the figures.

But it is important to note he has only starred in 62 episodes since he joined the show in November 2020.

He racked up 49 wins and 13 losses, which is decent - but he obviously had better odds when it comes to this leaderboard.

The statistics stunned fans of the show after they were shared online.

Jenny Ryan bagged third place with a winning percentage of 78.9, thanks to her 180 wins and 48 losses over 228 episodes.

The Vixen managed to beat arguably three of the most terrifying chasers, who were ranked at the bottom of the pile.

After 416 episodes, Paul Sinha boasts 325 wins and 91 losses - giving The Sinnerman a winning percentage of 78.1.

He upstaged The Beast - who has earned 344 wins and 111 losses after a whopping 455 face offs with contestants.

This brings Mark Labbett's winning percentage to 75.6.

Somehow, Shaun Wallace's quizzing credentials on The Chase were the worst.

The barrister, 63, has bagged 301 wins throughout his TV career, but was dragged down by his 129 losses.

After starring in 430 episodes, he has won just 70 percent of his games. Some might say it's enough to have The Dark Destroyer title taken off him.

Fans of the game show were stunned by the stats, although they weren't too surprised that The Governess had reigned supreme.

One wrote: "Sinha 3% higher than the Beast has absolutely thrown me."

Another said: "Wallace off the pace is no surprise but a little shocked to see Hegerty top dog."

A third added: "No way Jenny is that low!"

A fourth commented: "Thought The Beast would be higher tbh."

And a fifth chimed in: "This is why Anne Hegerty is the goat."

Other's also spared a thought for The Chase's host Bradley Walsh for presenting the 2,040 episodes.

Someone said: "Can't believe there's that amount of episodes made. Bradley must be flat out!"

He certainly has put a shift in for quiz lovers across the country.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/X

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