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Woman says sorry to family after choosing Christmas Eve movie which she was forced to turned off

Woman says sorry to family after choosing Christmas Eve movie which she was forced to turned off

It's really not a film to be watching with your family

A woman ended up having to apologise to her family after putting them through an incredibly mortifying experience when she chose the film they'd watch on Christmas Eve.

Settling down to watch a movie together is a pretty common thing to do at Christmas but disaster can strike if you choose the wrong film.

There are just some things you should not be watching with your family in the same room, like sex scenes.

We all know it happens but we could do without the knowledge that while the characters are f**king on screen mum and dad are on the next sofa over staring at the exact same thing.

Unless of course you're Joanna Page's parents as they love Love Actually, a film where their daughter plays a body double acting out a sex scene and watch it every year.

Elsewhere, a woman took to social media and posted about what disaster she unleashed in her own home on Christmas Eve when she suggested Saltburn as the family film that night.

In the movie, Irish actor Barry Keoghan plays an Oxford University student who struggles to fit in with the poshos but gets invited to a friend's mansion for the summer.

Saltburn was selected as this year's Christmas film by one unassuming family.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Amazon MGM Studios/Warner Bros. Pictures

From there it gets very weird very quickly, and it seems as though the woman's family didn't appreciate the movie very much.

She first posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Christmas Eve that it was 'movie day with the fam & my choice is Saltburn xo'.

About two hours later she then posted again, this time the update saying: "It has been turned off & I've been told to go for a walk."

She then received a message, which was supposedly from her mum, telling her: "When you come back I want you to apologise to everyone you d**khead."

That might sound like a pretty harsh thing for a mum to say to their kid at Christmas but with the further context of 'it was the bath scene that did it' things might be a bit more understandable.

To explain a little bit more, this refers to a scene in the film where one character has a w**k in a bath and another one waits until the tub has been vacated before drinking the leftover water.

It's... certainly a choice, but it's probably not the sort of scene you'd be wanting to watch with your parents.

If you do want to watch Saltburn (preferably with no mum or dad around) and see what all the fuss is about, then it's streaming now on Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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