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Ex-Vegan Claims Animal Innards 'Get Him High' In Documentary

Ex-Vegan Claims Animal Innards 'Get Him High' In Documentary

Some viewers were disgusted by the graphic scene

Warning: This article contains images and video which some readers may find distressing

Viewers were left outraged as former vegans gorged themselves on raw meat, with one claiming it 'gets you high'.

The graphic scene was captured in Channel 4 documentary How to Steal Pigs and Influence People, with ex-vegan Prem discussing his defection.

The 31-year-old had spent 10 years as a vegan, but now describes himself as a raw carnivore, saying he eats nothing but raw meat since he came across the diet on YouTube.

In the clip, Prem can be seen sat on a field with a couple of mates, his mouth smothered with the blood of a dead deer.

Explaining the taste, he said: "It's just the innards of a fresh beautiful deer. It just melts like butter in your mouth. It literally gets you high. I'm going to eat a bit of the spleen now, the heart and the lungs."

Prem chowed down on some animal innards, claiming it made him 'high'.
Channel 4

But all that blood can get a little much, so shortly after he's finished his main, Prem's dad - who is also a raw carnivore - pops over and drops off a bunch of strawberries to help wash it down.

Prem then offers a little insight into his father's journey, revealing: "The first time dad went raw carnivore he started getting erections in the morning like when he was a teenager."

It's safe to say that none of this went down too well with some viewers.

Writing on Twitter, one said: "Argh!!!! What are these ex vegans doing?! Eating the raw organs of a deer in a park, from a plastic bag... it's just not right!"

A second person commented: "Oh dear God. Watching #howtostealpigs. Seeing ex-vegans eat raw deer in public... Blood dripping etc. That is beyond disgusting. Dear Lord. From one extreme to the next... I feel faint."

And his mates loved it too.
Channel 4

But it wasn't just Prem's actions that were upsetting some. Later in the doc, one of his mates talks about how he eaten a dead squirrel.

One viewer slammed: "Oh no this really is not right. Eating dead squirrels, I just can't deal. Now he's eating a raw liver. I feel a tad bit sick."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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