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Phillip Schofield Tried The World’s Hottest Chilli And It Did Not Go Down Well

Phillip Schofield Tried The World’s Hottest Chilli And It Did Not Go Down Well

It's baffling to see people still trying the world's hottest chilli because the results seem to always be the same.

First, some might say, 'Mmm, it's not that bad', but then it slowly moves down the person's throat, burning everything on the way, then rests in their stomach, which erupts like the fire of a thousand suns until they're either vomiting or dousing themselves in milk.


Maybe people reckon they will be the odd one out that the chilli doesn't affect, or maybe they just want to see how painful it really is. Television host Phillip Schofield decided he'd be the next person to test it out and see whether he could handle the heat.

In short: he could not.

Credit: ITV/This Morning

The This Morning presenter took on Paqui's One Chip Challenge, which is literally just one tortilla chip that has been dusted with Carolina Reaper seasoning. He said: "It starts off with quite a chilli flavour and then it actually starts to get hotter and hotter and hotter.


"It's beginning, I feel all my pores opening up on my face. It's really very, very painful."

The Carolina Reaper was named in 2013 as the world's hottest chilli. It's believed to rank about 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville Scale, which is outrageously hot.

For comparison, paprika is between 100-1,000 on the scale.

He wrote on Twitter: "After eating the hottest chilli in the world, I'm now recovering...Sitting in my dressing room with the shivers! All ok till it hit my stomach eight minutes later! I love a challenge pahaha..but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow."

People on social media tried to wish him a speedy recovery, but all ended up making the same joke.

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It follows him, his co-host Holly Willoughby and presenter Rylan Clark tucking into Britain's hottest supermarket curry, live on air.

Holly was the first to respond. She looked down and gathered her breath. It only got worse for her from there.

She began coughing and gagging as she reached out for a glass of milk. "You begin to feel the burn," Phil remarked - as Holly's eyes teared up.

Credit: ITV/This Morning

"You feel it right there," Holly said gesturing to her throat.

But Phil went in for another bite.

"You're going in again?" she responded.

"I like hot food," he said before grabbing another forkful.

Morrisons new 'Volcanic Vindaloo' is that spicy because it contains Naga chillies, which are two hundred times hotter than a jalapeño. While it seems Schof was able to handle that curry, it appears he's come off second-best to the Hot Chip Challenge.

It's probably best to avoid it knowing full well you'll collapse in a sweaty, teary mess and not being able to do anything for the next 24 hours. However, if that sounds like a bit of banter, then crack on.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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