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LAD Left 'Looking Like Freddie Mercury' After Buying Cheap Veneers Online To Impress Girls

LAD Left 'Looking Like Freddie Mercury' After Buying Cheap Veneers Online To Impress Girls

Chad Hunt wanted to celebrate his friend's birthday looking his best - so he bought a £13.50 set of veneers

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

You shouldn't really expect miracles when you buy a £13.50 ($17.70) set of false teeth, should you? Unless you're Chad Hunt, that is.

The 25-year-old singleton was planning on being the best version of himself for the weekend when he drunkenly purchased the cheap clip on veneers in the hope of attracting ladies.

But he was devastated when the giant gnashers actually left him looking more like Freddie Mercury than anything else. Well, from the nose down and the chin up.

Chad will be celebrating a friend's 30th birthday in Newcastle next weekend and decided to buy himself some 'pearly whites' online.

This is not a filter.
Kennedy News and Media

I'm sure they would have looked absolutely fine... y'know if Seabiscuit, Red Rum or Shergar ever needed some new pegs.

The eagerly-anticipated delivery arrived on Monday and Chad quickly realised the £13.50 set made him look like the late Queen front-man.

He saw the funny side though.

Believing his dreams of romantic success were shattered, Chad decided he'd post the video online to at least entertain his friends - but never imagined he'd become a viral sensation.

Just have a look at them bad boys.
Kennedy News and Media

The video has since had almost 1 million views as well as more than 27,000 shares, likes and comments - and Chad has been inundated with requests for a night out from Geordie women ahead of his weekend away.

He had a plan all along, didn't he? The clever bastard.

Chad, from Nottingham, said: "I looked like Freddie Mercury. My teeth were like I'd swallowed a piano.

"I ordered them the other day from Amazon and I was pissed. I thought, I'm going to get some pearly whites and I'll be 'posing 'til closing'.

Chad mid-way through his rendition of Queen's hit 'I Want To Break Free'.
Kennedy News and Media

"They came through the post and they're obviously not what I'd picked out. They're not proper veneers - the proper one are £300. These were cheap - only £13.50. On the photo I was looking at they looked mint.

"I thought 'what the f**k are these' when they arrived. I looked like an idiot. It's gone global now though - I've had girls message me from Newcastle saying they're coming out with us."

In the video, Chad poses hungover on his sofa after another night drinking, before bursting into an hilarious rendition of 'I Want To Break Free' - hoover and all. Go on LAD.

The party-goer is seen miming along to the hit track while struggling to keep the oversized teeth in his mouth.

Chad, pre-veneers.
Kennedy News and Media

Chad said: "I'd had a few beers when I ordered them last week. I'd been for a drink after work and I ended up coming in bladdered.

"I'm in Newcastle this weekend on a lad's weekend for my mate's 30th birthday party so I wanted them for that. I just picked them - I wasn't expecting to spend loads on them.

"And I'd seen a few people with them before but I'm not really clued up with things like that. I was trying to impress the women but it backfired massively. At least everyone else found it funny.

"I've always wanted to stand out but this is taking the piss. For the sake of £13.50 I'm not getting a refund. I'll just keep them in all weekend to make my friends laugh."

Well, we hope Chad and Co. have a night to remember in Newcastle - something tells us he'll definitely get noticed.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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