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Viewers are so confused about the Targaryen family tree after latest House of the Dragon episode

Viewers are so confused about the Targaryen family tree after latest House of the Dragon episode

With all the show's twists, turns and lengthy history, some have complained it's very difficult to follow.

People who have been watching House of the Dragon have complained about how difficult it is to keep up with the show.

The plot follows a fairly basic intergenerational familial power struggle set in ancient times, but it's not the storyline that has audiences flocking to social media.

Some have said many of the characters share either the same name or something very similar and it's hard to know what's happening at times.

Put it this way, in one scene in episode eight, there are three women standing together having a conversation.

Those characters are called Rhaenyra, Rhaenys, and Rhaena. Like, come on. A little diversity in the naming department would go a long way.

In previous instalments to the HBO show, you also had Laena and Laenor, who are sister and brother.

And because there are cousins marrying cousins, siblings marrying siblings, uncles marrying nieces, the family tree ends up looking more like a diagram from Heartbreak High rather than a linear family tree.

But if you dive into the family tree a little more, names starting with the letter A crop up a bit.

You've got Aegon, whom the Song of Fire and Ice prophecy is based off, then you have Aegon II, who is Viserys and Alicent's child, and their other son Aemond.

The end of the most recent episode has forecast how all the drama is about to explode.

Just before King Viserys (Paddy Considine) takes his last breath, he tries to tell Alicent (Emily Carey) about the prophecy.

But, judging from her face, it seems as though she thinks her husband is talking about their son Aegon who deserves to ascend to the Iron Throne.

No doubt this will kickstart another battle to be the leader of Westeros.

And all because there were too many people in the family with a similar sounding name.

Thankfully, some people on social media have been lovely enough to provide an actual family tree to make things make a bit more sense. But, still, it's a lot to take in.

At the rate that people are dying, being killed off, as well as time jumps, hopefully there won't be any more similar sounding names in future episodes.

Rhaenyra certainly didn't make things easier when she named her newborn after her father, meaning there will be another Viserys to try and remember and where he fits in.

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