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Meet The Man Behind The 'What Do You Do For A Living?' Videos

Meet The Man Behind The 'What Do You Do For A Living?' Videos

Daniel Macdonald has gained quite a fandom for approaching people in flashy supercars and quizzing them on their jobs

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When Daniel Macdonald had an idea to create content by simply asking people in flash cars what they do for a living, he never expected it would blow up like this. Watch some of his clips below:

Many of us like to know about people and what they do, so Daniel was aware it was a pretty solid idea - and his ten million followers on TikTok would surely agree. But it hasn't always been plain sailing for him.

For starters, cars of the sort he was hoping to track down weren't exactly crowding the streets in Tucson, Arizona, where he lived when he first had the idea.

However, a new job took him to Dallas, Texas, and despite Daniel having 'no clue' whether it would work out - not to mention having a grand total of 10 followers on TikTok at the time - everything soon changed.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "I started having the idea during the summer [2020], prior to my first video. My first video ever was the very end of September 2020.

"I had just graduated from college - I went to the University of Arizona and studied finance and was moving out to Dallas.

"I went on a little camping trip to some of the National Parks with some friends and actually brought the idea up to them while we were on this long two week trip.

"I kind of carried it with me over the next couple of months but really didn't have a good enough area with Ferraris and Lamborghinis and whatnot."

Daniel Macdonald

Speaking about the first video he ever shot, he said: "I was with a friend in one of the nicer areas of Dallas and I saw a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and an Audi R8 just in the same parking lot.

"I was like, 'It's now or never'.

"I whipped out my camera - super nervous - and filmed the first video. I posted it the next day and it just blew up overnight and got like a million likes in a day. I just kept doing it.

"It blew my mind and still continues to do so."

Things have gone so well for Daniel that he was able to give up his day job a few months ago, as he explained: "I was working for a large financial services company in Dallas right after graduation.

"I was making enough to comfortably quit that and do TikTok and social media full time.

"I think a Ferrari could be in the future, maybe not out of grasp. That's something I'll be able to obtain in the next year or so."

Daniel reckons 90 percent of the people he speaks to are great - but what about the things we don't see? Inevitably, there have been times when things have turned awkward.

Speaking about some of the bad experiences, he said: "This happens more often than not, especially in LA. Usually people are pretty friendly if they ask me to delete something.

"Some people do just tell me to f*** off, essentially - right to my face on Rodeo Drive and just in random places in public. I'd say that happens in LA one in every ten, or two in every ten experiences I have.

"I just brush it off, I'm used to it. People do get angry, that's for sure."

Daniel has had the opportunity to meet some great people through his videos, however, and accepts how lucky he is to have had those opportunities.

He concluded: "A lot of the celebrities I've worked with are really kind.

"Paris Hilton was really nice to me, I did a skit with Dillon Francis and Trevor Wallace as well as the PartyShirt Fact or Cap guys, we did a funny little video with them and we're still friends now."

You can follow Daniel on Instagram here or TikTok here.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Macdonald

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