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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Sees Baby Yoda Evolve Into 'Powerful Meme'

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Sees Baby Yoda Evolve Into 'Powerful Meme'

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been receiving rave reviews, although it's a little green furball that's been snatching headlines online

Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

If you've spent any time on social media over the past few days you've probably already encountered Baby Yoda, the latest Star Wars character to capture the hearts and minds of viewers.

The little guy has been trending on Twitter all week following his prominent role in the hit new Disney+ show, Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

To clarify, we should point out that the character isn't actually the Yoda we all know from the main Star Wars series - he's dead, remember? Rather this is just another member of the same species, whose name we still don't know yet.

People are obsessed with Baby Yoda after watching The Mandalorian.
Disney / Lucasfilm

That's not stopped him from stealing the show though, and if our Instagram and Twitter feeds have been anything to go by over the past seven days, then Baby Yoda is well on is way to becoming a meme in his own right.

Here's a selection of the best Baby Yoda memes the internet has produced so far, although we're sure there's plenty more to come.

Although the show is yet to be released in the UK, it's currently available to watch in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, with two episodes available so far.

The series is set in the Star Wars universe, five years after the events of Return of the Jedi (the 1983 movie that forms the final part of the series' original trilogy), and follows the adventures of Mandalorian bounty hunter Dyn Jarren.

But while there's been plenty of praise for Pedro Pascal's performance as Dyn Jarren - in fact, the series has received overwhelmingly positive reviews so far - it's the overwhelming cuteness of the Baby Yoda character that has taken the internet by storm.

So what do you think? Will this turn out to be a 'Distracted Boyfriend' level meme, or will it flame out as quickly as '30-50 Wild Hogs' earlier this year?

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

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