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Comedian 'destroys' cancer survivor heckler in crowd and leaves people in hysterics

Dominic Smithers

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Comedian 'destroys' cancer survivor heckler in crowd and leaves people in hysterics

One of the hardest things about being a comedian is the audience.

And one comic got more than he bargained for when he was 'heckled' by a cancer survivor:


Vittorio Angelone was performing a set recently when he noticed that there seemed to be a fair bit of coughing coming from the crowd.


Now, while we seem to be out of the worst of the pandemic - touch wood - he joked that he was feeling a little uneasy about it all and might 'phone the police'.

However, while he assumed that he'd be able to simply move on with his gig, he suddenly heard a voice from the audience pipe up.

"It's cancer, not Covid," the person interrupted.

In a video posted to his TikTok account, Vittorio looks visibly uncomfortable at this remark, and unsure where it's gonna go.

Vittorio wasn't sure where the heckle would take things. Credit: @vittorioangelone/TikTok
Vittorio wasn't sure where the heckle would take things. Credit: @vittorioangelone/TikTok

But like any comic worth his salt, he pulls on the thread to see what happens.

"It's cancer not Covid?" he asks as the crowd gasps in awkward anticipation. "Wait, do you have cancer?

The person then replies: "I did have."


"You did have?" he asks. "Then stop f***ing complaining, what are you on about?

"Get over yourself, you've still got hair! What are you talking about?"

A pretty bold retort, right? But the audience absolutely loves it, and erupts with laughter.

He then asks: "Was it lung cancer? Yeah? That's one of the good ones as well, man. That is f***ing top tier cancer."


Vittorio goes on: "What a heckle. Like, sometimes you don't want them. Most of the time you're like, 'Let the comedian do their job' but saying the phrase, 'It's cancer not Covid' Woo!

"Isn't it mad that when you said that, I was relieved. I was like, finally I can relax, 'Ok, she's just got cancer, guys, chill out, ok?

He called it. Credit: @vittorioangelone/TikTok
He called it. Credit: @vittorioangelone/TikTok

"I'm glad that didn't go as badly as it definitely could have.


"That's up there with, 'I can't breathe', although I guess you've said that before as well."

Again the crowd, and the person in the front row crease up in a fit of laughter.

And then, in a moment of clarity, Vittorio imagines where this piece of footage might go, and which viral news outlet may cover it.

I wonder which one he thinks will take on this piece of breaking news?

"'Comedian destroys cancer patient'," he says. "You're gonna be clickbait tomorrow, you wait. I'm gonna get on LADbible with you, mate. We're going to the very top! We're going to the top!"

I'm glad we can fulfil such a lofty ambition, Vittorio.

But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/VittorioAngelone

Topics: Viral, TikTok

Dominic Smithers
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