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What time does The Crown season 5 drop on Netflix in Australia?

What time does The Crown season 5 drop on Netflix in Australia?

Everyone's favourite drama about the British Royal family is back tonight, so get ready to binge.

The British Royal Family is once again making headlines, but this time it's because everyone’s favourite historical drama series is about to get a new season.

The Crown, if you're not one of the 73 million households that have watched the show, is a Netflix television series that depicts the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth.

The series has been honoured with accolades and critical acclaim, winning a total of 129 awards.

These include the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and Golden Globe for Best Television Series Drama.

The cast has also won their fair share of acting awards, dominating the acting categories everywhere from Hollywood to the BAFTAs.

However, the series has also stirred up some controversy, given the timing of the new series and the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth.

The show has also garnered criticism for its fictionalisation of the Royals’ lives.

The previous season, which covered events like Charles and Diana’s wedding and Margret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister, finished up in 1990.

Season 5 is expected to pick up from where we were left off, with showrunner Peter Morgan explaining the new season would be 'taking The Crown into the 21st century'.

The series is expected to cover events such as the events of 1992 and 'annus horribilis', Diana and Charles’ divorce and the tragic death of Diana, and potentially even the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

While Netflix has confirmed a sixth and final season of the show is currently in the works, it’s not expected to be released until November next year.

The 10 episodes of Season 5 will be available on Netflix for Australian viewers to watch from 7pm AEDT tonight (9 November).

So make sure you clear the diary and get comfy on the couch, because we’ve got some binge-watching to do!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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