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Will Young Forced To Strip Pleather Trousers Off Mid Performance Amid Roasting Heatwave

Will Young Forced To Strip Pleather Trousers Off Mid Performance Amid Roasting Heatwave

Has he not seen the leather pants episode of Friends?

Will Young was forced to whip off his pleather trousers mid-performance amid the UK’s summer heatwave. Check it out:

The 43-year-old singer took to the stage at Kew Gardens in London last night (8 July) as temperatures pushed to 28C.

Weather warnings were sent out by the Met Office about the scorching heat, but unfortunately he didn’t get the memo.

Young decided to rock pleather trousers to the music event – has he not seen the leather pants episode of Friends?

Not long after kicking off with his 2003 track ‘Your Game’, the former Pop Idol star realised he’d made a huge mistake, telling the crowd, “I shouldn’t have worn these.”

Young didn’t have quite as much of an issue getting the trousers off as Ross did, however, and he managed to take them off on stage as he continued his set. 

A clip of the hilarious moment was shared by Twitter user @HopleyMiss, who wrote: “I went to see @willyoung last night at Kew Gardens and the heatwave scuppered his outfit plans. 

“He had to remove his pleather trousers because it was so hot but he kept going… what a trooper.”

Another shared a more close-up view of Young and his ‘great legs’, as he said last night. 

“Absolute blast seeing Will Young tonight at Kew Gardens,” they wrote. “Boy was in pleather trews on a 27°C night - got hot, took 'em off. I get it.”

In a separate thread, an audience member wrote: “Will Young wore leather trousers during his set which he eventually removed because he got too sweaty on stage, so a good night all around.”

“We went to see Will Young @kewthemusic in @kewgardens yesterday,” commented another. “Not only did he strip off his pants, but he also cracked the most hilarious jokes during songs.”

All in all, people respected Young’s ballsy move - and the singer has probably learned a thing or two about appropriate attire to wear in a heatwave.

Speaking of which, Brits have been issued a health threat as the summer weather is set to send temperatures soaring next week. 

Yesterday, the Met Office sent out an urgent health warning as forecasts suggested some parts of the UK could reach 33C.

The hot weather started this week, sparking a Level 2 Health Alert. However, this has since been upgraded to Level 3 as the heatwave is expected to continue throughout next week. 

While there are plenty of things you can do to stay safe such as avoiding hot spots and drinking plenty of water, I think we can all agree that one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is wear pleather.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@HopleyMiss/@jonnyashtonTV

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