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Woman Transforms Living Room Into Cinema In One Week

Woman Transforms Living Room Into Cinema In One Week

The TikToker showcases her impressive DIY skills over on the social media app as she gives rooms a new lease of life

A woman completely transformed a family’s living room into a home cinema in just a matter of days. Check out the video below: 

The talented DIY expert showcases her handy skills over on TikTok under the name @anothadiyproject, and her bio reads: “I make pretty things with power tools.” 

Her page demonstrates an impressive eye for decoration, as she’s seen using signature MDF panelling boards that transform seemingly boring rooms into stylish spaces. 

In order to create the home cinema, the TikToker is videoed inserting MDF panelling boards across the walls of the room before everything is painted black – keeping it classy. 

She then fits some mood-enhancing dipped lighting to give the room its ambience, which she later tells her followers are purchased from Amazon. 


Of course, any good cinema needs to be dark, so she lines the windows with black-out curtains to ensure the family get the full ‘home theatre’ experience. 

The DIY lover makes sure to include a popcorn station for all those mid-movie snacks before hanging a variety of movie art on the accent walls, which are illuminated by her choice of lighting. 

Finally, she finishes off the room with a comfy-looking sofa and large TV screen, making it an ideal space for any family to enjoy some quality time together without the hefty cinema price tag. 

Users gushed over her impressive transformation in the comments, as one said: “Just take my money.” 

“You’re very talented,” another added.

“I loooooove this!! How long did this project take?” a third person asked, to which she replied: “A week.” 


We all wish we had DIY talents as good as hers.

In order to commemorate her DIY achievements, she took to Instagram to say: “I honestly had a lot of fun creating this space! I truly hope that this family enjoys it.” 

Last year, one dad took on the momentous task of transforming his basement into a nightclub

John, who goes under the TikTok handle @spaghettiinmygymbag, was hard at work turning his home into the coolest spot in town. 

Unsurprisingly, it was not easy, with John and his team having to lower the floor by 19 inches, sound proof the walls and even fit thick dry wall 'in case knuckleheads try to punch through walls'. 

After posting renovation updates to his TikTok, John received praise from thousands of people who had stumbled across his story. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@anothadiyproject

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