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You fans excited as actor from popular UK show is added for season 4

You fans excited as actor from popular UK show is added for season 4

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a familiar face among the cast

As the fourth season of the popular Netflix murder-thriller You finally has a release date, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a familiar face among the cast.

The fourth outing is set to be one heck of a ride, after season three saw Joe Goldberg continue his murderous streak by killing Love (Victoria Pedretti), leaving behind their baby and faking his own death by baking his toe into a pie.

However, in particular, many are excited for the arrival of actor Charlotte Ritchie on the cast, who is known for playing Oregon in the Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat and Alison in Ghosts for the BBC.

In the fourth season of You, Ritchie will take on the role of Kate, an art gallery director who is apparently well equipped in dealing with difficult people.

It doesn't take long for Kate to meet villain Joe Goldberg and has an instant dislike to him as he begins circling one of her friends.

On social media, fans seem delighted the star is appearing in the newest season of the Netflix hit.

Charlotte Ritchie is joining the cast of You for season four.
SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

One fan said: "I’m so glad Charlotte Ritchie is going to be in a tv show I watch."

A second added: "Unfortunately I will finally be tuning into Netflix's you for Charlotte Ritchie."

A third said when quote tweeting the latest trailer: "I'm here for Charlotte Ritchie and that’s all."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Unfortunately I saw Charlotte Ritchie and IMMEDIATELY knew I would be watching."

In an interview with, Ritchie has been speaking about the difficulty of her role in You and how different it is from her current role in Ghosts.

She said: "I haven't found something as challenging for a really long time.

"Actually, I always find it difficult… it's a boring refrain that the people close to me have to hear me say – I never quite feel like I can do it.

"But particularly this one, because the character is and because the show is very glossy, and often everyone looks really good and well-dressed... all of this emphasis on that stuff."

Ritchie then went on to speak specifically about her character, describing her as 'icy'.

Kate is described as 'icy' by Charlotte Ritchie.

She continued: "And my character is very well turned out and very icy, at least at the beginning... it's just not like me, that character. So it was interesting and it was challenging, I have to say.

"But it was nice, It's always amazing to get an opportunity to play someone that's not like you."

It was announced yesterday (24 September) that part one of You season four will hit screens on 10 February, while part two will follow a few weeks later on 10 March.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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