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Tommy Fury threatens Sidemen star Miniminter after YouTuber made comment about his daughter

Tommy Fury threatens Sidemen star Miniminter after YouTuber made comment about his daughter

Tommy Fury has called out one of the Sidemen after he commented on his daughter's name.

Tommy Fury has called out Simon 'Miniminter' Minter after he made a comment about his daughter.

Last year, the boxer went head-to-head with KSI in the boxing ring at a sold-out Manchester AO Arena and ultimately came out on top.

Fury won the match by a majority decision, with two judges ruled in favour of the Love Island star with 57-56, while one scored the fight 57-57.

KSI wasn't very happy about the result, calling it a 'robbery', and planned to appeal the result - which was rejected.

However, the score was soon updated - which gave Fury the unanimous decision across the board.

Now that the fight is over and done with, Simon and his co-host Randolph were discussing on his podcast What's Good what Tommy's next move could be.

"It's just weird seeing like Tommy Fury, this pro boxer, that everyone who knows boxing said 'oh Tommy's obviously going to win, it's not even going to be close', to then Tommy saying he's done with influencer boxing." Minter said.

"He won't fight Vidal because he won't sell tickets, so who's he trying to fight?

"People who sell tickets, influencers."

He then said: "Anyway the guys an L, his kid's called Bambi."

And it appears that the comment has left Fury - well, furious.

In a video posted to his Instagram story, he said: "Simon from the Sidemen, say whatever you want about your mate KSI who lost, but don't ever mention my daughter's name again, or me and you are going to have a problem.

"Keep my child's name out of your mouth."

And fans on X (formerly Twitter) have taken to the sight to comment on the situation.

Tommy Fury was not happy with the comment.

One said: "To be fair you can't argue with what Miniminter said, regarding the boxing side of things.

"Probably didn't need to to mention Tommy Fury's kid though."

Another said: "Tommy Fury calling out Miniminter wasn't on my 2024 bucket list."

A third said it was a 'weird move by Simon' but that the comment wasn't 'that deep'.

LADbible has contacted Minter's reps for comment.

Tommy and his fiancée, Molly-Mae Hague, welcomed their first child, Bambi Fury, in January 2023.

After his fight against Jake Paul last year, Fury dedicated his win to his daughter, saying: "I want to dedicate this fight to my new baby girl Bambi at home and my missus.

"I love you and I can't wait to see you."

Adding: "This fight is for you, Bambi, I love you."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/tommyfury/YouTube/What's Good Podcast

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