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Where Brits can buy Feastables as MrBeast makes major announcement that rivals Prime

Where Brits can buy Feastables as MrBeast makes major announcement that rivals Prime

The YouTuber's new products are already flying off the shelves.

KSI and Logan Paul better watch their backs as MrBeast is bringing Prime some fierce competition.

He isn't trying to muscle in on their success on the drinks aisle, but he is certainly giving them a run for their money in the shops with his latest business venture.

The American YouTuber, 25, is best known for pulling off elaborate challenges and his extraordinary giveaways, yet he also has a vested interest in sweet treats too.

The online star - whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson - revealed that he has been tirelessly working to create the 'best tasting chocolate ever made by mankind'.

MrBeast posted a video on social media on Saturday (17 February), sharing the news that he has revamped his confectionary business 'Feastables' which he originally launched in 2022.

He had already launched his own brand of chocolate bars called 'MrBeast Bars', which reportedly did $10 million in sales.

But the content creator says he has now finally found the 'best formula' to create the 'best chocolate in the world'.

So it's only right that they got a bit of a rebranding in the process too.

Describing it as the 'biggest announcement of his entire life', MrBeast conducted a blind taste test to prove his chocolate really is better than others on the market - and all the participants agreed that his was the best.

The new Feastables bars are on the shelves in the US - but what about the UK?

Well, we're here to let you know where you can get your hands on one.

What are MrBeast's Feastables and can you buy them in the UK?

MrBeast's Feastables are a revamped range of the YouTuber's chocolate bars, which come in seven flavours.

Luckily for us Brits, we can also pick them up at select locations in the UK - but you need to be quick, as they sell out quickly.

Back in 2023, fans of MrBeast were filling their baskets with the snacks, causing scenes in the supermarket similar to the pandemonium when Prime was released.

He said of the reaction from consumers in the UK at the time: "Feastables launched in the UK 10 days ago but everyday before I can tweet about it the stores sell out.

"Trying to get more over!!! Y’all are crazy."

How much do the bars cost?

MrBeast is a pretty philanthropic bloke, so his new snacks won't break the bank.

His chocolate bars come in two sizes, 60g and 35g, and were produced in Peru and the US.

The content creator explained that they are made with just five ingredients and they will set you back a couple of quid if you can find them.

UK stockists are flogging 60g bars of Feastables for £2 a pop, while 35g ones are only £1.20.

MrBeast first launched his chocolate bars back in 2023.

Which flavours are available in the UK?

MrBeast has given fans seven delicious flavours to choose from, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In the US, you can choose between Milk Chocolate, Milk Crunch, Almond, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Crunch, Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt on the website.

Feastables' say their favourite flavours are the Peanut Butter one, which is formerly known as 'Deez Nutz', and the Milk Chocolate and Puffed Rice option, also known as Crunch.

But only the Original Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Milk Crunch and Peanut Butter bars are available in stores in the UK.

What has MrBeast said about the launch?

Even though he is arguably one of the biggest social media star's in the world, even MrBeast has been surprised by the rapid success of his new Feastables range since it launched.

He's already receiving complaints from parents and fans who have rushed to the shops only to find the shelves have already been ravaged - but he has reassured people he is 'doing everything he can' to replenish the stock.

The 25-year-old joked that there is 'only so many I can put on a shelf' and explained he had to reassess the numbers after the chocolate bars proved insanely popular.

He wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter): "I had like a million bars set aside for the website so people could try it, but I had to ship them to stores to fill demand."

Where can you buy Feastables in the UK?

If you're dying to treat your tastebuds to what is claimed to be the best chocolate in the world, then you better get moving in the direction of your nearest Asda or Spar store.

Asda, who became the first UK supermarket to stock a product from the popular YouTuber in 2023, said they were 'really excited' for the partnership.

The supermarket's confectionery buying manager, Louise Gregory, told The Grocer: "Launching brand new products into market is part of Asda’s DNA and we are delighted that MrBeast – one of the world’s most iconic content creators with such a huge fanbase – has partnered with us to launch his products."

While Spar's UK Trading Controller Henry Goodchild said they were 'thrilled' at the opportunity to stock MrBeast's chocolate, adding: "We are always looking at interesting new brands to work with and opportunities for differentiation and this partnership is another example of how we are able to find a new and innovative way to stand out from the crowd."

Featured Image Credit: X/MrBeast

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