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Man discovers incredibly disturbing website on dark web he ‘wasn’t supposed to find’

Man discovers incredibly disturbing website on dark web he ‘wasn’t supposed to find’

He stumbled upon a weird website as part of a TikTok series exploring the Dark Web

A man has accidentally stumbled across one of the most disturbing websites on the dark web.

Known as @austinvro on TikTok, he has explained to followers that he had no intention to find the site.

We seem to have been warned numerous times by influencers to steer clear of the dark web at all costs, with several illegal activities taking place there, while @austinvro has visited a dark web chatroom in the past.

In a TikTok video posted to the social media platform, he explains that he was going to do a part two to his series 'Going on the dark web' - but quickly realised that he was on the 'wrong side of the dark web.'

I didn't know there was a right side, to be fair.

He continues: "Normally this would be cool but this a side I've never seen before," flipping the camera to show his monitor.

"I know this looks blurry, it's supposed to look like that."

He begins to read his screen: "Wanderer are you lost? The dissolved sixfold path awaits."

Austin stumbled across the disturbing website by accident.

Austin mentions that he can see a little number six on the tab, as he has no idea what website he clicked on.

The TikToker also showed viewers the link if they wanted to visit it, but we do highly recommend that you don't.

He states that he can click, and does so while saying 'watch this'.

A list appears on the screen, and he claims: "I think it's like a Satanic cult website because there's a bunch of numbers and it says I'll be cursed if I fail,"

I'm throwing my computer out the window at that point, but he continues.

"Then there's this that says he will try to humiliate me, try to make me feel unworthy, do not surrender to the warden and keep in mind you are worthy and ready to experience empowerment." He says.

"He uses your shadows to beat you, therefore, you are the only one allowing defeat."

And then the most chilling line: "Cursed are the ones who fail."

Austin continued to browse the website despite the spookiness surround its content.

Honestly, I would probably have moved out of the house and left the computer behind at this point - but still, Austin goes on.

He clicks again and announces that the next page is 'the first one', and if you pause the video, you can see an audio clip, titled with a language that looks unintelligible.

Could it really be a Satanic cult site?

The page also talks about Gheroel being the second warden and how to 'sense his presence'.

I guess if the rumours are right and his computer gets hacked or corrupted, he has it coming.

Featured Image Credit: Tik Tok / austinvro

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