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What Is Ziggy Marley’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Ziggy Marley’s Net Worth In 2022?

Ziggy Marley, took up the legacy of his father, Bob Marley, and has become one of the greatest living reggae artists

Ziggy Marley has followed up on the legacy of his father, Bob Marley, and has become one of the greatest living reggae artists.

The musicians' sun-soaked melodies and positive vibrations have made Marley an 8 times Grammy winner and a Daytime Emmy Award recipient.

His public profile has been further augmented by appearances on sitcoms such as Hawaii Five-0 and Family Matters. He is also a philanthropist and founder of his own record label.

Ziggy’s musical journey began under the guidance of his father, who gave him guitar and drum lessons.

After Bob Marley's death in 1981, Ziggy began performing in his place alongside The Wailers at various shows around Jamaica, and in 1984 the group went on tour in support of the year's Bob Marley Legend compilation album release.

He later created music alongside his siblings as ‘Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers'.

This family band won three Grammy Awards and five nominations in total before disbanding in 2002. A solo career followed that has spawned hit singles like ‘True to Myself’ and ‘Beach in Hawaii’. 

Ziggy was born as David, but soon adopted his iconic stage name. ‘Ziggy’ is a nickname often reported to have been given to him by his father Bob Marley, meaning ‘little spliff’.

However, Ziggy stated the following to Melody Maker magazine in 1988: "Me name David but me big Bowie fan. So at the time of the Ziggy Stardust album, me call meself Ziggy and now everyone do."

What Is Ziggy Marley’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Ziggy Marley has an estimated net worth of $10 million, (£8.1 million), according to celebritynetworth

Ziggy is married to Orly Agai, a former vice-president of William Morris Agency. The couple have four children together.

They reside in a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles’ exclusive Toluca Lake neighbourhood. Ziggy also has three children from previous relationships.

Besides his music, Ziggy is a dedicated philanthropist. He founded Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment, which works to help children, especially in Jamaica and Ethiopia, by improving their education, health and environment.

In 2007, Marley signed on as an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization that provides free musical instruments and free lessons to children in public schools throughout the United States.

His business ventures include Ziggy Marley branded dog treats. 

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