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April The Giraffe Kicks Vet In The Nuts

April The Giraffe Kicks Vet In The Nuts

If 'Cash Me Ousside' girl hadn't have hit our social media accounts in 2017, then April the giraffe would be the undoubted star of the first four months.

The live streaming of the new mum, aged 15, during her pregnancy, and subsequently giving birth, was watched by millions.


People watched on, for two long months, while she ate food, napped, and casually just went for a stroll - but still no sign of her dropping the baby.

Finally, yesterday, she gave birth to a male calf - some eight weeks after the she was due.

Credit: Animal Adventure Park

The live stream hasn't stopped though, as people can now watch the youngster getting to grips on his lanky legs, working out who his mother is, and taking his time getting to know the world.


And for those watching on, they got an added bonus when the vet came to visit. They say you should never work with animals, perhaps this is why...

Mothers, of any species, are protective of their own, and April clearly jumped to the wrong conclusions about this gent's intentions.

I'm sure the vet just wanted to make sure everything was OK with the little one, not that April was having any of it.

She raised her left front leg and completely knocked him for six in the gonads! Instantly, any bloke will tell you the pain that follows.

Credit: ScubaSnacks / YouTube

I'm reminded at this point of a Jason Manford sketch on the kick-in-the-balls versus pregnancy pain theories. He says, whereas, despite the pain of childbirth, you will always hear a woman, later down the line, want another baby. As for a bloke, how many do you hear ask for another bollock-busting whack?

April's not having any of it though, as the man tries the approach from a different angle, she has another swipe - this time narrowly missing him.

Eventually, the vet, seemingly unharmed, calms her down offering her a snack as a form of peace offering.

Humans may be top of the food chain, but it doesn't stop animals trying to keep us grounded.

Giraffe's may be able to tower of us in size to intimidate, but even the small like to have a go. A badger turned up, uninvited, to a barbecue in Worcester, and then proceeded to bite one of the guests on the finger; refusing to let go.

Credit: SWNS

Thankfully, the man in question did not need stitches, and was just given his tetanus jab.

Alongside 'The Beaster Bunny', is 2017 the year that animals now begin to get their revenge?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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