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Alec Baldwin Just Impersonated Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin Just Impersonated Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Many and various are the comedians who have satirised Donald Trump in the run-up to the US Presidential election, and Alec Baldwin is the latest punter.

Nailing the dodgy tan, the right-handed gestures and, of course, the accent, the 30 Rock actor delivered his impression on Saturday Night Live over the weekend for a sketch parodying the first presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Good evening, America," Baldwin's Trump said in his opener. "I am going to be so good tonight. I am going to be so calm and so presidential."

For like-minded democrats, Baldwin positively emulated the property mogul's idiosyncratic excuse-making, conspiracy-peddling, staccato tendencies.


"My microphone is broken. She broke it. With Obama. She and Obama stole my microphone. They took it to Kenya. They took my microphone to Kenya, and they broke it, and now it's broken."

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As for those coke allegations, 'Trump' said: "Sniffles. Do you hear that? It's picking up somebody sniffing here? It's her sniffs.

"We should be talking about important issues like Rosie O'Donnell. She's a fat loser and everyone agrees with me. I just wanted to bring that up."


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