Man's Breakup Plan For Cheating Ex Backfired After It Went Viral

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Man's Breakup Plan For Cheating Ex Backfired After It Went Viral

If you ever find out your other half is cheating on you (hey, I've been there. Cheats are the worst) then you should definitely come up with a plan to do something brilliant and put it on the internet.

That's pretty much exactly what the internet was made for, right?

However, what you definitely shouldn't do is put it on the internet BEFORE you've done it. Chances are, it'll go super viral and then your cheating partner will find out about it before it happens.

That's exactly what happened to Reddit user BinanoSplat. He put up this post:


However, he soon added an update which read:


"Her bestie found this and called her. I don't know how he knew we were even still dating considering how she's been hiding that fact from everyone."


He then spoke about the conversation they had, in which she asked him if "there['s] anything you want to say to me?" to which he said he did not want to talk to her again.

She apparently said "I think you're disrespecting me" to which he replied:

"Go fuck yourself. I'll leave the key in your mailbox."

Sweet story.


Words by Mel Ramsay

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