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Google Maps Catches Sunbathing Woman Trying To Cover Herself Up

Google Maps Catches Sunbathing Woman Trying To Cover Herself Up

This unfortunate woman has been caught by the Google Maps Street View camera trying to cover herself up

We all know and love Google Maps. For many people it's something that you use day in day out and take for granted. Since it first launched on the 8th February 2005 there have been some significant developments in the online tool. One of the most notable features was the addition of Google Street View in 2007. This was a new feature of Google Maps which provides 360° panoramic street-level views of various locations. It's helpful if you want to be able to recognise places before you get there. It's not so helpful if you're caught unawares, perhaps with your pants down or with your finger up your nose. Trust me, there are plenty of examples out there if you look hard enough.

A mirror image of the Google Maps Street View Car.
Google Maps

If you're going to be weird enough to stick a camera on a car and film everything you see then of course you'll catch surprise moment or two.

One of the most recent victims of the Google Street View camera is a woman in Bijela, Montenegro. She'd probably spent all morning trying to pick out her perfect spot, away from everyone else in complete seclusion. There she was minding her own business, maybe she'd just finished a book, when she decided to embrace nature and say goodbye to her tan lines. Little did she know that a camera on wheels was coming to document her day and maybe even her boobs.

Do you need help with that? Woman Tries To Cover Up From Google Maps camera.
Google Maps

Fortunately for her it looks like she heard the creepy camera coming and whipped up her top just at the right moment. Just think, another second in the nude and she would be plastered on the internet forever, for everyone including her children to see. Imagine having to explain that to their headteacher.

She clearly spots the Google Street view car coming and takes action to cover up.
Google Maps

Remember everyone, Google is watching you.

You can use this link to see the live version on Google Maps.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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