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German Lads Invite Stripper To Their High School Graduation Ceremony

German Lads Invite Stripper To Their High School Graduation Ceremony

I remember my graduation from secondary school. The entire year had an assembly, the swots got certificates, they laid on a spread, then me and my mates headed off to drink Strongbow in a garage.

At the time that last part seemed fairly rock'n'roll, but seeing what they do in Germany puts it into perspective.

Students graduating from a school at Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich decided to book in a stripper for their leavers do, telling teachers she was there to speak about 'equal rights'.

Like fuck she was.


The teachers decided to allow it because none of the students were technically minors, but when it came to her turn to speak the stripper took to the stage and gave one lucky pupil a lap dance.

You can see a video of it here...


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Apparently she turned up wearing business attire to go along with the ruse, but when she started taking her kit off the teachers just stood and watched.


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Fair play to them, nobody died.

The 33-year-old stripper is called Jarly and since going viral she has setup her own YouTube channel 'All About Sex' to help educate people in relationships about sex. It's all in German though, so don't know if it'll be much use to you.

Speaking of lap dances, there's never really a bad time to revisit this video of a guy receiving a saddest lap dance ever danced...



Words by James Dawson

Featured image credit: YouTube / News Bloopers

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