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How much every day 'bad' house habits are costing you per year

How much every day 'bad' house habits are costing you per year

Are you guilty of these?

With the cost of living crisis dragging on, many of us are looking to save pennies where we can.

Amid energy prices, rising rents and mortgages - and don't even get us started on the price of food - many Brits have cut back.

But did you know there are a number of 'bad' house habits that could actually be costing you a fortune?

You could be saving money on your energy bills.
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Yep, the small things ultimately all add up and you might be surprised to hear how tiny changes could make a big difference to your wallet.

According to a study by Uswitch, nine out of 10 households admit to having one bad energy habit.

But did you know you could be saving £285 a year by cleaning up your act?

We've listed the most common ones below, and how much you could be saving if you make some small changes.

Boiling more water in the kettle than needed

If you've ever filled the entire kettle up for one cuppa, then you need to listen up.

Some 61 percent of us do this shocking habit, and it's costing us £39.62 per household.

Bringing things to the boil on the hob without a lid on the saucepan

Another crime against energy use.

Boiling on the hob without a lid is both a waste of time and money, yet a whopping two thirds of us do this.

Start using a lid and you could save yourself £32.84 per household.

Using the tumble dryer when it’s a hot day outside

Let's face it, there's absolutely no reason to chuck your clothes in the dryer if it's a scorcher outside.

Yep, we all hate hanging washing up but not doing so is a huge waste of money.

And who doesn't love the smell of clothes when they've been on the line?

Around 40 percent of us do this and it's costing us £30.84.

Running the washing machine at 40°C or more

You'd think most people run their washers at less than 40.

But actually, two thirds of Brits are washing their clothes on a way higher temperature.

Sticking to washing at less than 40°C could help you save just under £20 per household.

Running the tumble dryer when it’s not full

This one's pretty easy to do, so it's understandable that 47 percent of us are guilty.

After all, sometimes it's hard to judge how much we'll need to fit in.

But, kicking this habit will save you £18.51 per household.

Do you use too much water?
Capelle.r/Getty Stock Images

Boiling more water in a saucepan than needed

It seems loads of us are wasting energy while cooking.

Half of us boil more water than what we actually need and it's setting us back over £16.

So next time you've got a batch of pasta on the boil, keep an eye on how much water you really need.

Letting the tap keep running while washing up

Hands up who's guilty of this one?

It's pretty easy to do. After all, many of us leave it on so we can easily rinse our pots and pans while washing up.

So it makes sense that 48 percent of us are doing this regularly - and it's costing £11.87 per household.

Running the dishwasher when it’s not full

If you cram too much in the dishwasher, you're at risk of it not cleaning properly.

But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't fill it up.

Not doing so can cost £9.83 and 40 percent of us are guilty of this.

What temperature do you use?
Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty Stock Images

Leaving lights on when not in the room

Getting used to turning lights off when we leave the room is so important when it comes to saving energy.

But 52 percent of us still aren't getting it right - and it's costing nearly £10 per household.

Running the washing machine when it’s not full

Similar to the dishwasher, this is setting us back by £8.05 - and 48 percent of us are making this mistake.

Putting off defrosting the freezer

If you're one of those people who never defrosts the freezer, you might not be aware that it's actually costing you money.

Yep, 67 percent of us do this and while it only costs £3.55, the little costs can certainly add up.

Do you defrost your freezer?
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Leaving the TV on when nobody is watching

If you stick to the rule of turning things off when you leave the room, you'll likely end up saving a few pounds.

Leaving the telly on while no one is watching is a habit that 53 percent of us do - and it's costing £1.90 per household.

Leaving your phone charging when it has reached maximum battery

Not only is this a waste of money, but it's actually no good for your phone.

Some 68 percent of us do this, and it's costing £1.78.

Leaving gadgets on standby

A whopping 72 percent of us do this and although it doesn't cost heaps - just £1.65 per household - it's worth getting into the habit of switching appliances off.

If you kick all of these habits, you could save yourself £285 per year.

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