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Nutritionist reveals foods to eat to improve your sex life

Nutritionist reveals foods to eat to improve your sex life

She said a common kitchen staple 'induces sexual desire' and 'enhances orgasms'

Sure, you’re a freak in the sheets. You don’t need any help. Your sex life is 10/10.

But let’s be real, there’s always room for improvement and some people occasionally need a little push with getting their sex drive up.

And while there’s various holistic methods and supplements out there that are supposed to help, even simple changes to your diet could up libido.

So, a nutritionist has revealed the top foods to eat to help improve your sex life.

Founder of Total Health & Wellbeing, Claudia Calisto told Daily Mail Australia her recommendations to increase sex drive.

She gave advice on improving sex drive (Instagram/nutritionist_claudia_calisto)
She gave advice on improving sex drive (Instagram/nutritionist_claudia_calisto)

Nuts and seeds

Snacking on pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and walnuts could help you out.

Calisto highlights that pine nuts contain good fats ‘particularly good for men who want an active sex life’.

She says as they contain Arginine, they could help blokes maintain an erection.

Good fats

The nutritionist says you should be getting in plenty of olive oil and avocados.

“Avocados are considered a natural aphrodisiac because they are enormously high in phytonutrients and aid in dilating increasing blood flow to the sex organs,” she says.

Calisto also adds that extra virgin olive oil ‘triggers the testosterone hormone’ and therefore ‘induces sexual desires’ and ‘enhances orgasms’.

She reckons these things will help your sex life (Getty stock image)
She reckons these things will help your sex life (Getty stock image)

Fruits and vegetables

Her number one recommendation for upping sex drive is to get berries into your diet.

She says they can increase men’s testosterone and help ‘increase blood flow to the sex organs’.

Calisto also encourages eating watermelon thanks to it containing L-Citrulline which helps improve blood flow and ‘could reduce erectile dysfunction’.

Herbs and spices

It might not be the most affordable on the spice aisle, but Calisto calls saffron ‘an aphrodisiac spice’.

“Chronic stress disrupts hormone balance and can dampen libido. Saffron's natural compounds may help regulate stress hormones and promote a sense of calm by supporting healthy serotonin levels,” she said.

“Lowering stress levels is a great way to increase libido and overall sexual wellbeing.”


You might not be surprised by this one – Calisto recommends ‘nature’s aphrodisiac’, oysters.

This might be an obvious one. (Getty stock photo)
This might be an obvious one. (Getty stock photo)

“Did you know that every ejaculation, a male loses about a milligram of zinc?" the nutritionist said.

“Therefore this mineral needs regular replenishment if you want to maintain health and good sex drive.”


It’s not just food that she recommends, as she also adds that green tea ‘promotes blood flow’.

Calisto also reckons one or two glasses of red wine can help to boost libido for both men and women.

“Staying hydrated by drinking water helps keep ones blood cells and plasma volume high, this is needed for high sex drive,” she added.

Plus, she believes the popular green tea, matcha, is a big help thanks to aiding the ‘flow of blood to the sex organs’.

Calisto’s overall top 15 foods

· Avocados

· Berries

· Broccoli

· Extra virgin olive oil

· Green tea

· Matcha

· Organic red wine

· Oysters

· Pine nuts

· Pumpkin seeds

· Red ginseng

· Saffron

· Walnuts

· Water

· Watermelon

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nutritionsist_Claudia_Calisto/Getty stock

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