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People only just realising what the filling inside a Cadbury Creme Egg actually is

People only just realising what the filling inside a Cadbury Creme Egg actually is

It might be Cadbury Creme Egg season but what actually are they?

Sure, Easter comes with its traditions. Going to church, giving up things for lent, the bonnet competitions in primary schools.

But, obviously, there’s also chocolate. And lots of it.

From big Easter eggs to endless pouches of mini eggs, there’s another staple of supermarket shelves - Creme Eggs of course.

The Cadbury delicacies first appeared in stores back in 1971 and have been a favourite for many Brits ever since.

And even if you hate those gooey, creamy – filled chocolate eggs that people have their own way of eating, they’re massively popular.

Cadbury has previously claimed that the chocolate company makes around 500 million of them a year, with roughly a third going out for export.

Thankfully for Creme Egg lovers, the things often end up appearing on shelves right from New Year – with plenty of time to indulge before Easter.

Cadbury Creme Eggs have a famous gooey centre.
David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

But despite how many you’ve demolished in your lifetime, do you actually know what that famous centre is made of?

Users took to X to speculate just what that gooey inside really is: “I have a huge problem weighing on my mind: What is the substance in the middle of a Creme Egg called? What is it? A goo?"

Others joked it could just be frosting or even toothpaste – which doesn’t exactly sound too delicious.

Whereas some lashed out at the popular treats: “Ate a Cadbury Creme Egg. Forgot how much I hated the slime on the inside. Reese’s Eggs are superior."

And with so much speculation, there weren’t many clear answers as confused chocolate lovers wondered what they’re actually eating.

It's Creme Egg season.
Marcus Mays Productions via Getty Images

Well, Cadbury says that within the milk chocolate egg is a ‘fondant centre’.

According to its website, that classic white-and-yellow gooey centred egg is made up of sugar, milk, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, invert sugar syrup, whey powder, cocoa mass, vegetable fats, emulsifier, dried egg white, flavourings and colour.

Per each 40g egg, there’s 26g of sugar, 6.2g of fat and 177kcals of energy.

There’s even a recipe for popping a Creme Egg in the microwave and serving it up with buttered toast to make a rather sweet egg and soldiers dish.

TikTok user @abbeythefoodscientist shared to her followers what the gooey centre is made of in a video, which answered many people's questions.

Content creator Abbey writes: "Opening A Cadbury Creme Egg!

"The inside is a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and water or what’s called fondant."

One follower replied: "Okay I want to go make a massive bowl of it now I know what it is."

Featured Image Credit: @OMGitsagirl2015/X/TikTok/@abbeythefoodscientist

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