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People baffled after finding out it’s never been illegal to take snacks into the cinema

People baffled after finding out it’s never been illegal to take snacks into the cinema

There's no need to feel like a criminal for sneaking in your own bag of popcorn and a can of Diet Coke

Buying a little treat in the cinema might make you feel like you’ve been robbed. In fact, sometimes it seems as though the snacks actually cost even more than the ticket itself.

And despite this, it just feels wrong to go to the cinema without having some scran. I physically can’t sit and watch a film without a little tasty something-something.

But sometimes we might sneak in a bigger bag of popcorn from the shops that’s cost us half the price. Or maybe a can of Diet Coke and a bar of chocolate. Or maybe even tuck into an entire meal deal...

Except there’s not really a reason to be so sneaky about it. You don’t need to feel like a criminal just for taking in your own snacks to watch Saw X or a bar of chocolate when the new Wonka is out.

Because it’s not at all ‘illegal’ to be bring outside food into the cinema, despite the fact we all just seemed to think it was.

It's not 'illegal' to have your own scran.
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

A TikTok posted by BBC Radio 1Xtra, shows one host’s absolute shock when they discover they’ve been hiding their scran for no reason. The caption reads: "We were today years old when we learnt this."

“You can bring your own popcorn and it’s not illegal – you know I just found that out. I hide all my snacks when I’m going cinema.

“You know you can bring anything.”

But the other host is in disbelief as they insist: “It’s never been illegal.”

Although some were also in shock to learn this, others bragged about what snacks they bring to the cinema, revealing they take in ‘maccies’ and have even seen people with ‘a whole pizza’.

And one pointed out: “I’m not buying in the cinema prices are ridiculous.”

Taking your own snacks is a popular way to save some cash.
Mumemories/Getty Images

Another wrote: “That’s good to know. I’m always trying to hide my McFlurry in my bag hoping it doesn’t spill.”

Obviously the word ‘illegal’ is being used a bit loosely in this conversation, because of course there isn’t a full on law against bags of popcorn. But there may be rules or a policy at your local cinema.

Many users on TikTok pointed this out, writing: “Never been illegal just certain ones have policies.”

Some spots will likely have rules against hot stuff in particular, if not full-on scrans from outside.

So, it’s worth a quick check what the policy is at the cinema before you head in with a bag for life of snacks to trough through during The Exorcist.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Wiki Commons

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