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Man ‘addicted’ to eating raw meat refuses to stop despite doctors ‘serious concerns’

Man ‘addicted’ to eating raw meat refuses to stop despite doctors ‘serious concerns’

Doctors have told him his diet is putting him 'at risk'

A man who is 'addicted' to eating raw meat has said he doesn't plan to stop chowing down on uncooked cow despite warnings from doctors.

Weston features on TLC show My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? where he explained that he's been eating large amounts of raw meat for quite a while.

For obvious reasons, his doctor has 'serious concerns' about all of this, but Weston reckons that he's done his research on this and believes he knows 'a little bit more' than the qualified medical professionals.

His doctor has said that his raw meat diet puts him 'at risk' of diseases such as salmonella, but the raw meat consumer has not been phased by the warnings and promised he'd go and see his doctor if he ever started feeling unwell.

The doctor also told him that he has an 'abnormal' strain of E.coli that could lead to kidney problems or 'even death'.

However, Weston says he isn't 'surprised' by what the doctors had found, adding: "I’m probably going to have some unusual strains of bacteria that they don’t normally see in people’s stools."

He wants to keep eating raw meat for 'the rest of my life' so any hopes from his doctor that he'll shed the addiction are likely to be dashed.

Dude, at least give some to the dog.

Weston explained his raw meat diet covers a wide range of meats including raw chicken, which is often highlighted as a particularly dangerous thing to eat raw.

He said: "Both me and my dogs, we actually share something in common. We were both designed to eat raw meat.

"I am addicted to eating raw meat, it's delicious man. It's basically very squishy in my mouth and since it's raw it just slides down your throat, you don't have to chew it up that much."

"It's a very good feeling, it's almost borderline euphoric. I can feel very primal after I eat, I get this urge to howl like a wolf like AWWWOOOOOOOOO. Like, you know?"

"My fridge is like a horror movie."

Weston loves eating raw meat.

While Weston says he's never met anyone else who eats a raw meat diet, there are some of them out there.

One man set himself the goal to see how long he could go eating raw meat and nothing else, managing to make it a very long way with nothing but the uncooked flesh of another animal between his teeth.

Another raw meat aficionado has been chomping his way through it for four years and claims that he 'feels great' after ditching a vegan diet and going for raw meat.

A woman who eats plenty of raw chicken has said it's never done her any harm despite health experts warning of the risks of consuming raw meat.

Salmonella is just one of the risks that comes from eating raw meat as there are a plethora of health hazards.

And while some people seem to be able to chow down on raw meat for years while claiming there's never any problem plenty fall foul of the dangers of raw meat.

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