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'Big Mac expert' breaks his own world record for amount of Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

'Big Mac expert' breaks his own world record for amount of Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

Don Gorske is the don of the Big Mac world.

The bloke behind Super Size Me hasn't got nothing on this guy - as when it comes to McDonald's, Don Gorske has never stopped lovin' it.

The 70-year-old fast food fanatic has managed to break his own world record for the most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime...for the second time.

He has devoured at least two of the beefy burgers every single day for more than five decades, but miraculously he still isn't sick of them - in fact, he intends to continue chowing down on them 'for the rest of his life'.

Don is the don of the Big Mac world and has continued his obsession with the snack since 17 May, 1972, which is the date he made his initial visit to the local McDonald's branch in his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

He said it was the first place he went after getting a new car, so to celebrate, he ordered and ate three Big Macs for lunch.

The retired prison guard liked the burgers so much, that he went back twice more in the same day to stuff another six down himself - and the rest, is history.

"In that moment, I said: 'I'm going to probably eat these for the rest of my life'," he recalled. "I threw the cartons in the back seat and started counting them from day one."

Don Gorske has busted his own world record for the second time.
Guinness World Record

Don has kept a long running tally of how many Big Macs he has eaten over the years, keeping every single container and receipt as evidence towards his bid to outdo his own Guinness World Record.

At the height of his Big Mac obsession, he would gobble up to nine of them per day.

The pensioner first gained recognition in the record books for the Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten In a Lifetime back in 1999, before hitting the 25,000 mark in 2011 and then 32,340 in 2022.

Don then managed to pack away a whopping 728 of the burgers last year alone, which has now brought his grand total up to a staggering 34,128.

Talking about his latest achievement with officials from Guinness World Record's, he said: "When I like something, I stick with it all the time. Many people thought I'd be dead by now."

But he has taken precautions throughout his food challenge to keep his health in check - he walks six miles a day, skips breakfasts, doesn't get sides and only snacks on ice cream, fruit bars or potato chips on an evening.

The 70-year-old has kept every container and receipt throughout the years.
Guinness World Record

"I’m blessed with a high metabolism and good health which allow me to eat Big Macs without gaining a lot of weight," he continued.

"I might be the only person alive who could eat Big Macs every day without ill effects for 50 years."

Don is obviously a bit of a celebrity at his local McDonald's branch in the US, and a portrait of him even hangs inside to commemorate his dedication to Big Macs.

He even proposed to his wife Mary in the car park there - who he thanked for 'putting up with a lot of obsessive compulsive things he does' and not letting his 'Big Mac thing get to her'.

The former prison guard has only gone eight days without eating one in the last 52 years and is now vying to hit the 40,000 mark - which he reckons could 'take him another 14 years or whatever'.

Asked whether he had any advice for people looking to take his world record title, Don comically said: "Don’t. I’ll be dead before you could even challenge it."

Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records

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