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You can now eat a Michelin star meal while orbiting Earth in a balloon

You can now eat a Michelin star meal while orbiting Earth in a balloon

The Spaceship Neptune is truly out of this world

Fine dining is already an expensive and exclusive treat as it is. And then there's heading to the stars to eat your scran.

Believe it or not, that's now a real thing. Or will be very soon thanks to some very adventurous and ambitious entrepreneurs.

A luxury travel company has teamed up with a Michelin chef to offer some of the best food the world can offer from, well, outside of this world.

Instead of sitting on your bum in a restaurant, you'll be sitting down 100,000 feet above sea level.

Considering commercial plans will usually fly between 31,000 feet and 42,000 feet, this is quite the height and maybe not one for those who don't like looking down.

But it's bound to fascinate some - but you'll also like to splash the cash.

At $495,000 (£389,857) per person, it is quite possible the most expensive meal you'll ever come across.

Space travel company SpaceVIP has teamed up with two Michelin starred chef Rasmus Munk, who runs Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark, to make the concept a reality.

The capsule in space.
SpaceVIP / Space Perspective

And the vessel that'll take you to the edge of the planet? A massive carbon neutral space balloon called Spaceship Neptune.

Bloomberg reports it'll make its first trip in 2025 and test flights are already planned for April this year.

SpaceVIP founder Roman Chiporukha told the outlet: "We've already had dozens of qualified participants express tremendous interest in this experience and, with only six seats available, we foresee us securing all passengers in the next few weeks."

The entire journey will take six hours, with the capsule attached to the mega balloon pressurised before lifting off.

There will be Wi-Fi onboard, meaning those on it can FaceTime back down to Earth if they so wish.

The balloon on the edge of space.
SpaceVIP / Space Perspective

And if you're one of the six, you'll be dressed by French fashion house Ogier as part of the package. Swanky. Proceeds from the trip will also benefit The Space Prize, an organisation promoting women in the space field.

The balloon will depart from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Chiporukhan told Forbes: "It is by launching these flights that we will be able to make them accessible to more people.

"In the 1920’s, a ticket for a transatlantic flight was prohibitively expensive and accessible only to the elite, however, with advancements in technology, and the growth of the airline industry, air travel became more affordable over time.

"This is just the beginning of private space travel, so we absolutely see it going in the same direction."

Featured Image Credit: SpaceVIP / Space Perspective

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