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People warned against mixing popular spirit with Coca-Cola

People warned against mixing popular spirit with Coca-Cola

It's quite the heated debate for the liquor lovers

On the rocks or with a bit of coke? Not that kind of coke. The fizzy, liquid kind.

It’s a big debate for whiskey drinkers as some think it’s a ‘crime’ to mix the liquor with Coca-Cola.

A cheeky JD and coke or a straight pour up of Scotch with ice cubes are both two very popular ways of drinking whiskey, yet people are being called out for ‘wasting’ it by mixing it.

People are really into whiskey it seems and can be pretty tight on their opinions.

I mean imagine ordering one with cola at the pub and the barman being disgusted at you. The public shame would be crippling.

One Reddit user even clashed with their boyfriend after pouring a Diet Coke into their whiskey glass – ah, modern day romance.

Do you mix whiskey?
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They took to the ‘AmItheA**hole’ forum to explain how the partner had bought them a £70 bottle of whisky for their birthday.

But the boyfriend felt ‘insulted’ after the innocent coke addition as he ‘thinks he could have got me whisky for cheap to put with coke’.

Whiskey drinkers say they ‘cringed’ at the post and that ‘a part of my soul died’ reading the tale.

One commented: “Some whisky is meant for straight drinking. Coke is for cheap stuff. That said, your boyfriend gave you a gift and he doesn't get to dictate how you enjoy it.”

As others pointed out: “You're the one consuming it, enjoy it however you like.”

Although a lot of people didn’t ‘agree with mixing cheap soda and expensive whiskey’.




However, over on Reddit’s ‘changemyview’ thread a user stated: “It should be okay to add cola to expensive whiskeys.”

They explained: “People get shamed when they mix cola with expensive whiskeys and drink. Some people take it as an offense.

"I think it is unfair to be so outraged at this. It should be okay to mix cola with expensive whiskeys.”

Or do you have it on the rocks?
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And their reasons included alcohol not tasting ‘that great’ on its own and adding cola doesn’t defeat ‘the purpose of paying the higher price’ of whiskey.

But users didn’t agree with this either as one put: “If you don't like the taste of whiskey, you shouldn't buy an expensive one. It's a waste of a limited resource.”

Another even came up with a food comparison: “Expensive whiskey is like a work of art: someone has put significant effort into that bottle.

"Would you go to a three-star restaurant and put ketchup on the food?

"There’s something inherently disrespectful about ‘ruining’ something that has taken a lot of effort to produce, even if you personally feel like it is an improvement..”

One whiskey lover even said they’d have a ‘stroke’ if they saw someone mixing cola with their drink.

I mean, it seems a little dramatic. Just go and drink your drink how you prefer, surely?

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