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Woman furious as supermarket replaces her Christmas turkey with bag of frozen turkey dinosaurs

Woman furious as supermarket replaces her Christmas turkey with bag of frozen turkey dinosaurs

Some supermarket shoppers aren't best pleased with their deliveries

For many of you, yesterday will have involved some sort of feast with a big turkey as the centrepiece, though not everybody will have had the same Christmas dinner experience.

That's partly because some people don't do turkey at Christmas, instead planning on throwing a bit of festive variation into the mix and shaking things up.

However, it's also because some people were planning on having a turkey but ended up not being able to get it.

A handful of Brits were dismayed to discover that their turkeys had turned rotten just before Christmas and really weren't safe to eat.

Many of those who had been blindsided by a rotten turkey voiced their fury at having the most intensely planned meal of the year go wrong, declaring that it was 'Christmas ruined' for them.

Others who had planned to get them delivered saw their hopes and dreams scuppered when the big bird just didn't show up with the rest of the shop.

A turkey, an absolutely honking massive bird traditionally eaten at Christmas.
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Some reckoned that the supermarket attempting to substitute a turkey for something else did nothing to remedy the situation.

One family who ordered a turkey and a ham for Christmas weren't happy to have their supermarket instead send them four slices of ham.

When these deliveries come you can always send bits back for a refund but it doesn't solve the problem of the missing turkey, and one mum felt like she had no choice but to cook what was sent as a substitution.

This doesn't look so festive...
Cassie Rule

According to The Sun, mum Cassie Rule had ordered a £37 turkey from Morrisons and instead, had the bird substituted for a £2.30 bag of turkey dinosaurs.

Not to knock turkey dinosaurs, but when you've got to feed six people expecting a Christmas dinner they're not really the right food for the job.

Cassie said that she didn't really have time to spend Christmas Eve sorting out a backup and instead had to find a way to make the turkey dinosaurs work.

A spokesperson for Morrisons told LADbible: "We can see that a small turkey joint costing £4.50 (not £37) had been ordered by the customer and it was unfortunately unavailable for delivery on Saturday 23rd December and for this we apologise.

"We have no record of a large turkey being ordered by this customer and we do not sell Oakham turkeys which The Sun has reported to be the missing item.

"We are in touch with the customer directly to clarify the misunderstanding."

Turkey dinosaurs, not quite the same thing and less likely to be eaten for Christmas.
Getty Stock Photo

Plenty of Brits have been astonished to discover just how long their birds were sitting in a freezer after checking the dates on their turkey.

You've probably chucked it in the bin now but your turkey's packaging actually contains information on when the bird was first frozen.

Lots were thoroughly flabbergasted to discover their turkeys had gone into the freezer months ago, with some being put on ice as early as February.

Featured Image Credit: Cassie Rule / Getty Stock Photo

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