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Girlfriend shares her 10 'controversial' relationship rules that have kept her and boyfriend together

Girlfriend shares her 10 'controversial' relationship rules that have kept her and boyfriend together

People are divided after a girlfriend revealed her and her partner's top 10 rules for sustaining their long term relationship.

People are divided after a woman revealed her and her partner's top 10 rules for sustaining their long term relationship.

Ah, romantic relationships, they're great in premise, but life can get a whole lot more complicated when you add another person into the equation.

And social media, friendships and so many other elements in this rollercoaster world can sometimes make it even harder to maintain a healthy, happy bond.

However, for one TikToker, she and her boyfriend follow a set of '10 rules' to try and ease the process.

TikToker Gia - 'ur bestfriend who gives u advice' - has taken to the platform to reveal just what their 'controversial' rules are and the video has sparked an interesting debate online.

It's an extensive list to say the least.
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Gia explains she's in a long-term relationship of six years, before going into more detail about the rules which both her and her boyfriend adhere to in order to maintain their strong bond.

The TikToker explains: "We both have to have our locations on, always.

"This one has a few reasonings, one of the main ones is safety - we both feel a lot more comfortable just having each other's locations in case anything happened to either of us.

"Another thing is it's convenient. If we're both at work and I wanna check if he's left work yet or not it's just easy to go look and see.

"Also neither of us have anything to hide, it would be suspicious if we didn't want each other to see the other's location."

And the rules don't stop there.

As well as always having their locations on, the second rule is Gia's boyfriend isn't allowed to go to strip clubs because the TikToker doesn't 'get the point'.

"Why are you paying her bills, if anything you should be paying my bills?" she adds.

The third rule is they are both 'OK' with one another going on boys and girls trips.

The TikToker notes: "We think it's important to experience our own things."

Do you follow any of these 'rules'?
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

The fourth rule between Gia and her partner is neither of them are allowed to 'like random thirst traps on Instagram'.

She says: "Liking someone's picture is completely public so everyone can now see that one of us doesn't respect the other. And it gives the person in the photo the idea they caught their attention."

The fifth rule follows on from this, both are banned from following Instagram models.

The sixth rule is Gia and her boyfriend are allowed friends of the opposite sex, but can't be 'best best friends with them,' aren't allowed sleepovers and if someone gets flirty, that's a big 'no-no'.

The rules cover how the pair both use social media.
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Next in the list is Gia and her partner are both allowed to go to clubs, but the TikToker does believe men and women go for different reasons - women to dance and men mainly to 'pick up chicks'.

Eighth is they both know each other's phone passwords - not social media accounts though.

The penultimate rule - and one Gia notes is potentially most 'controversial' - is she's 'not cool with porn'.

The TikToker explains she doesn't think it's 'good for your mind,' promotes 'unrealistic standards' and is 'super addictive' - the pair also live together too so Gia just doesn't personally see the point.

The final rule? The pair have agreed not to marry until 'financially free'.

Do you agree with the rules?
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Gia's video has since gone viral, amassing over eight million views on the platform and people have flocked to the comments to weigh in on the 'controversial' rules - the response extremely divided.

One person said: "Girl these are basic healthy relationship rules."

"They're not even controversial these are so valid," a second commented.

However, a third argued: "'We totally trust each other' - proceeds to list 15 reasons they don’t trust each other."

And a final resolved: "Is the controversy in the room with us?"

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