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‘Garden of Europe’ where winter is 23 degrees and pints cost €2

‘Garden of Europe’ where winter is 23 degrees and pints cost €2

There's a destination in Spain that could help you stave off the winter blues for a week longer, at least

If you’re already feeling a bit glum now that the clocks have gone back and the long winter nights are here, you might want to tune in for this.

So, you've already checked out the European party town with 80p pints and taken a trip to the stunning beach spot named as the cheapest long-haul getaway for Brits.

Perhaps you might wish to learn about somewhere new that's only a short flight away that should still have some good weather?

It’s down at the south end of Spain, so that means that there’s a decent chance of some sun and warmth, as well as some good food and cheap beer.

What more do you want from a holiday, right?

Murcia is beautiful, right enough.
Nico de Pasquale Photography/Getty Stock Image

Murcia sits just between Alicante and Cartagena, and perhaps its more inland location might mean that it goes under the radar just a little bit.

It’s not far from the beautiful coastlines of that part of Spain, and - did we mention? - it’s still warm and sunny at this time of the year.

For example, a quick Google search would reveal to you that it is currently 25C in Murcia right now - that’s 30 October - and it isn’t predicted to get any lower than 22C all week, with some days up to 27C or 29C.

Even if you wait for a bit longer until the depths of winter, the temperatures are still likely to be mild, between 15C and 20C.




That’s a whole lot better than the current situation here, where we’re bracing for Storm Ciarán, which is expected to bring along a lot of flooding and rain.

That is due to hit the UK on Thursday (2 November), which gives you a bit of time.

It's not far from the beaches.
Carlos Cuidad Photos/Getty

So, if you can bag a cheap flight, you can grab a last bit of sunshine before the weather over here completely goes to pot until at least next April.

What’s more, the area is known as the 'Garden of Europe', and has loads of lush green fields, valleys, and mountains, in which there is fruit and vegetables grown.

The capital city of the region - which is handily also called Murcia - is about 20 minutes from the airport, but if you have a bit more of an adventurous streak, there are also opportunities to go hiking in the beautiful surrounding landscape, or cycling, kayaking, or whatever takes your fancy.

What’s more, remember we said that it’s still only a short drive from the beaches, too.

The surrounding countryside isn't too bad, either.
Juan Maria Coy Vergara/Getty

The food is nice, if you like flamenco dancing you’re in the right place, and there are cheap pints to be had, as well.

For visits, Murcia isn’t far from the Cabo de Palos, which is a peninsula that pokes out into the sea, filled with places to explore.

So, for the sake of the price of a flight - most of the major airports in the UK go direct to Murcia - you can soak up some sunshine and maybe stave off those winter blues for at least another week.

They'll still be here when you get back, don't worry.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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