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Cruise expert warns people of the one thing you should always check before booking cabin

Cruise expert warns people of the one thing you should always check before booking cabin

A big choice awaits

Booking a cruise ship holiday is like any other in many ways. It's all about where you want to set sail from, for how long, what time of year, and then the granular bits like food and drink packages.

But there's one thing you need to really put a lot of time and effort in to thinking about, according to cruise experts, with it being none of the above.

And whether you're booking yourself in for an exciting trip on a 'spicy cruise' or heading on to the open seas for a more standard trip, the same principle will apply.

Experts over at Iglu Cruise have revealed that those looking to book on to a cruise ship inundate them with questions over where exactly you should be booking to stay within the boat itself.

And let's face it, most of us can't afford to drop £3,100 a night for a huge suite on the world's largest cruise ship.

It's just like hotels in many regards here; not every room is the same and some will come with hidden perks you might only appreciate once you get on board and get a feel of where everything is.

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Those who aren't too good with nausea in rough waters will also want to take note, especially with brutal footage being released showing what it is really like when a storm hits on the open seas. And then there's the infamous Drake Passage.

You could also argue it's even more important if you're one of the growing number of people deciding to permanently live in a cabin on a cruise liner.

"It very much depends on your individual preferences," the experts said.

"The first question to ask yourself is how you want to spend your cruise, and then pick a cabin accordingly.

"Good examples of this are cabins located closest to kids’ areas; the spa; dining; the pool; the theatre and so on. Some travellers will want to be near lifts and stairs."

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They added: "Midship is deemed to be best for those concerned about the swells, the aft of the ship is wonderful for sailaways from ports, when you can watch the foamy ship’s wake leaving a trail behind you."

Before booking you should also check what is around the cabin that you've decided upon. For example, expect it to be a bit noisy if you're near the ship's bars and clubs.

The experts said: "Be careful what is above, beneath, and, if you choose an outside or balcony cabin, what’s immediately outside such as a promenade deck. Take a very close look at deck plans to be sure what could be surrounding you."

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