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Man shows what £3,100 a night room on world's largest cruise ship looks like

Man shows what £3,100 a night room on world's largest cruise ship looks like

Now that's impressive

A man has revealed what one of the best rooms that money can buy on a cruise ship looks like.

Bryan James, who works on Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas, has previously given his followers a glimpse into the claustrophobic realities of crew accommodation, and has even revealed how much he spends each day on board.

The content creator - who goes by @BryanJamesCruises online - has now shared an insight into the 'biggest room ever put on a cruise ship' which costs a staggering £3,100 ($4,000) per night.

We’ll let you decide if you think it’s worth the cash…

The room costs £3,100 per night.

For starters, the room is over 1,300 square feet, and consists of two floors. Bryan even claims it is 40 times bigger than his regular boat residence.

In the video, he says: “It’s not just about its size, there’s so much going on in this room.

“There’s a slide from the kids bedroom down to the first floor, and if you’re staying in this room and you’re not super into the slide idea, you can just walk up and down these piano stairs instead.”

Let’s break that down.

You get a private slide, and a staircase that plays a tune when you step on it - literally take our money.

According to the cruise worker, you can even choose what song you want the staircase to play, and you’ll be happy to find out that Taylor Swift is an option.

Where do we sign up?!

There's even a piano staircase.

He adds: “To top it all off you have this huge balcony, your own hot tub, and a personal butler on call 24/7.”

One person in the comments made light of the revolutionary staircase feature, saying: “Imagine arguing with your wife and angrily stomping down the piano stairs.”

Another added: “I just checked my bank account and I can stay there for five minutes and four seconds.”


While a third wrote: "4000 per night? Make sure you use all what it offers and never leave the room."

And someone else commented: "This room is bigger than my whole house! Wtf do they need all this for."

But this isn't the only ship with a lavish suite.

The Four Seasons' luxury yacht will contain the Funnel Suite, a 9,500ft of four-story penthouse space.

Plans are already underway to make it one of the most luxury cruise suites in the world but it is not set to sail until the end of 2025.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/BryanJamesCruises

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