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Video showing scary reality of Egypt pyramids may put a lot of tourists off going

Video showing scary reality of Egypt pyramids may put a lot of tourists off going

The pyramids are on many people's list of places to visit, but would you actually want to go?

If you've made a list of the things in the world you'd like to visit then you've probably stuck the pyramids of Egypt on there somewhere.

Those mighty mausoleums protruding up from the sand still stand as monuments to the awesome power of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, and that all things are fleeting.

After all, while you might rise to such powerful heights that you get laid to rest in your very own pyramid, at some point your power is all gone and your final resting place ends up being a tourist attraction for TikTokers.

Speaking of which, one such person has been to the pyramids of Egypt and made a video telling you why you shouldn't go.

Of course if you're dead set on going then you ought not to let what someone on the internet says sway your view, go and live your dreams.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only wonder of the ancient world still standing.
Fareed Kotb/Anadolu via Getty Images

Anyhow, TikToker @touchdalight gave three compelling reasons why going and seeing the pyramids might not be the best idea you ever had.

Firstly, getting around inside the giant structure involves a lot of climbing which could tire you out.

You (presumably) go to the pyramids to marvel at the achievement and history of the place, not to devolve into a sweaty mess from clambering around inside a giant triangle.

Climbing around inside a pyramid can also be 'dangerous', as the TikToker's video showed one of his friends banging her head on one of the cramped crawlspaces inside.

As for the second reason, apparently this is 'the fact there's no air con inside', though I think the Ancient Egyptians can be let off this one considering air conditioning was invented quite some time after their civilisation collapsed.

Why shouldn't you visit the pyramids?
TikTok/ @touchdalight

Back in the days of the pyramids being built the corpse they were housing wasn't going to complain, so while it might be absolutely roasting in Egypt that's just something you'll have to put up with.

If the first two reasons didn't do much for you then perhaps the third will, as apparently the reality of visiting the pyramids is that it's 'actually so epic you won't experience anything like it again'.

As much as you might want to visit the pyramids, just think how it'll feel once you've been and can never find anything to quite compare to it.

We're still learning things about how the pyramids were built, and of course there have been secret chambers which lay dormant for thousands of years and have only just been uncovered.

It seems clear they'll continue to fascinate us for years to come, so you might as well go yourself and see what the fuss is all about.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@touchdalight

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