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Hidden destination just three hours from UK is being called 'Thailand of Europe'

Hidden destination just three hours from UK is being called 'Thailand of Europe'

Lots of people have mistaken the European holiday spot for Thailand

Is it just me or does it feel like everyone has been getting off to go and travel Asia this year? It seems like every other week there’s a leaving party all over social media for someone going backpacking.

And like, good for them but it’s just giving us all FOMO.

For the rest of us, our holidays are likely a little nearer by in Europe or even just within the pretty hot UK. But maybe we don’t actually need to miss out completely as we can have our own fake Asian travels by heading to the ‘Thailand of Europe’.

Yep, just like the ‘new Ibiza’ and ‘Maldives of Europe’ destinations, travellers are now comparing a ‘hidden’ destination just three hours away to Thailand.

The Shala river has become a popular destination. (Getty Stock)
The Shala river has become a popular destination. (Getty Stock)

The country in Southeast Asia is known for its stunning tropical beaches, delicious scran and famous Full Moon Parties. But it’s also known for being quite a long and pricey flight away.

Whereas this gem in Europe is much easier to get to on a budget and a little easier for those of us who ration out our annual leave.

Travel lover Aleksandra took to TikTok to share a ‘hidden gem in Europe that doesn’t feel real’. Sharing picturesque views and clips, she said the spot in Albania ‘looks like Thailand’.

It'll save you some pennies. (Getty Stock)
It'll save you some pennies. (Getty Stock)

And to be fair, it really does. The praised spot is Lumi I Shales and she shows crystal clear waters surrounded by luscious green mountains as tourists canoe past little beaches.

The area is a river that cuts through the Albanian Alps in northern Albania where people can do all sorts from hiking and zip lining to snorkelling and swimming or even just, you know, chilling on the beach.

Users commented to say it’s a ‘beautiful place’ as another said: “I’ve been to Albania multiple times. My favourite country of all time and I’ve travelled quite a lot.”

Some even admitted they ‘thought it was Thailand’ as others ‘can’t believe such beautiful places actually exist’.

Getting to Albania from the UK is relatively easy with plenty of airports offering direct flights at around three hours or less. But once you get to Tirana Airport, you’ve got a bit of a trek to get to Lumi I Shales.

You’ll want to either hire a car or book a coach and then take a ferry over to the viral spot. But if that video is anything to go by, it seems well worth it – plus it’s still easier than getting over to Thailand.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/olam281

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