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Brits quickly booking cheap flights after discovering nearby country compared to 'Maldives of Europe'

Brits quickly booking cheap flights after discovering nearby country compared to 'Maldives of Europe'

Seems like this is the go-to-holiday of the year

Going on holiday can be quite the expense, but let’s face it, we all love them.

And while we might sit on our Instagram feeds and watch celebs and influencers jetting off to luxury destinations around the world, our choice of getaway might look a little different.

Fancy spots by the beach aren’t exactly in everyone’s price range, but maybe the ‘Maldives of Europe’ is.

And after discovering this alternate destination, Brits are quickly booking themselves cheap flights over.

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Just a couple of hours away – rather than that long-haul flight over to South East Asia – is Albania in the Balkans.

One woman was shocked by how true that cliché comparison is, as she wrote on X: "In a work call yesterday, someone said they’re going Albania, someone else said ‘apparently it’s the Maldives of Europe’. Bare people laughed.

“Anyways, did my Googles and was angry at the UK again."

And to be fair, it looks absolutely unreal.

The pretty coastline village of Ksamil boasts white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and gorgeous weather.

Plus, flights over to Albania don’t cost anywhere near as much as your average journey to the real Maldives.

As one user pointed out on X: “£663 for a week in a four-star hotel in Ksamil, Albania. Flights are £190 for four people in mid-May. Looks like I've found my next holiday destination, the place looks unreal.”

A quick Google search at the moment will find flights over there from £49 per person, which is undeniably decent.

There is a slight catch though.

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Flights typically take you to the Albanian capital of Tirana and from there, you’ll need to take a four-hour car ride to Ksamil. But, that’s all still quicker than flying over to the real Maldives though.

Another option is flying over to Corfu in Greece, which you can actually see from Albania.

Here, you can catch a ferry over to Sarande which is just 25 minutes from that important final destination. And at the moment, you can also find cheap flights to Corfu from just £54 per person – not bad at all.

Users on X said: “That looks ace. We love taking our kids on adventures. I’m adding this to the list for next year.”

Others even put: “I go yearly now, it’s so nice.” As some said: “Dying to go here!” And: “Can’t get over how nice it looks.”

And those who have already booked their flights said they ‘can’t wait’.

Featured Image Credit: Giovanni Mereghetti/UCG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

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