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Expert issues exact date in 2024 to book holiday that will save people hundreds

Expert issues exact date in 2024 to book holiday that will save people hundreds

Best get yourself a flight ticket for this date

If you’re making future plans for the New Year, then make sure you’re in the know about this handy travel hack.

There is nothing better than getting your money’s worth, which is why when someone can get you insider information about the travel industry - you’re going to take it.

Whether you’re dreaming about taking a lavish trip to Cabo or sunny Spain, getting the best deal to maximise your budget is handy so that you can enjoy more for less.

Thankfully, a travel expert has come out to reveal the exact date you need to book your holiday in 2024 in order to save up to hundreds of pounds.

Are you planning your 2024 holiday?

After millions of eager family members travelled across the globe this holiday season to visit their loved ones for Christmas, it’ll be a relief if they can save a few pennies on returning.

According to Sean Tipton from Abta Travel Agents, prices for tickets are at their cheapest on January 4.

He explained to Sun Online: "Travelling until January 3 is very expensive but if you come back on the January 4, or 5, the prices drop dramatically.

"There are specific days. They massively effect the cost."

Tipton went on to share which travel destinations are fan-favourites for the British public this winter - and which peak times are the best to jet off on your travels.

Holidaymakers could be getting a banging bargain for their next vacation.

He said: "Travellers are either looking for a traditional white Christmas, and they'll go to the Alps in Europe, or maybe Scandinavia, or the reverse.”

I mean whose to say you can’t have a white New Year celebration?

However, if the cold simply isn’t your thing, here’s the scoop for a cheap sunny vacation.

Tipton revealed that those who prefer something a little warmer, ‘they're exclusively going to the Canary Islands - it's one of their peak periods in January and February.’

But if you’re in no mood for the hustle and bustle of a busy airport, then avoid travelling around New Years, specifically December 29 and 30, as these are the busiest days.

Tipton also shared Brit's favourite destinations to travel too.

The 24-hour window to book your tickets is likely to save you half the price of a trip as Tipton went on to explain that booking a popular one-way flight to Geneva through British Airways on January 2 could cost as much as £346 without the price drop.

However, if you were to wait just two days to book, then you’d be looking at spending around £152.

Good stuff.

So, if you’re thinking about jetting off, try to hold out a little longer and enjoy yourself a cheaper holiday in 2024.

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