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People left ‘scared’ after finding out pilots sleep on flights

People left ‘scared’ after finding out pilots sleep on flights

Holidaymakers can't believe that the people in charge of the plane sneak off for cat naps

When you are whizzing through the skies on the way to your vacation destination, it's nice to doze off and have a little snooze before you arrive.

It is a long day after all - you've woken up at an ungodly hour to catch your flight and traipsed around the airport while lugging a load of suitcases around.

But the idea of pilots taking a quick cat nap during the journey doesn't go down as smoothly with a lot of people, as travellers have been left horrified after finding out that those in charge of the plane also like to recharge their batteries onboard.

Captain Tewodros Solomon ended up starting a debate online after revealing what the sleeping quarters next to the cockpit look like in a TikTok video which went viral.

The experienced flyer, who works for Ethiopian Airlines, regularly shares behind-the-scenes snippets of his work life on social media, but one of his clips really managed to get the attention of his followers.

Solomon, who describes himself as a A350 Instructor Captain, gave people a peek at where pilots get their heads down during long-haul journeys.

He filmed himself opening up a door that is adjacent to the cockpit, which revealed a secret retreat where he and his colleagues can get some rest - but it was a little bit cramped, to say the least.

Captain Tewodros Solomon revealed where he and his colleagues get some shut eye onboard.

It was kitted out with a wide leather chair, while two beds which can be curtained off were crammed in behind it.

However, people were more concerned with the fact that the people in charge of flying the plane have been heading off to sleep all this time without them even realising, rather than the lack of comfort inside the bunk.

One person said: "What?! They sleep leaving us alone??? I'm scared now!"

Another wrote: "It's cute, but the pilots SLEEP?"

A third added: "Who will drive then?"

And someone else chimed in: "Do they sleep? Really? My God, I have no idea. Even the main captain sleeps?"

Solomon then explained that pilots are permitted to catch some Zs on long-haul flights 'which are operated by three or four pilots' as 'only two pilots are required in the cockpit to operate' the plane.

He explained in the caption: "Have you ever wondered if pilots take naps during long flights?

“Well, I can tell you that during those lengthy journeys, they do actually take some well-deserved rest.

People can't believe pilots sneak off to bunks for a cat nap.

"They have different options to choose from when it comes to getting some shut-eye, ranging from comfortable passenger seats to dedicated sleeping areas, known as bunks," he added.

"This allows them to recharge their energy so they can continue to ensure the safety of our skies.

"It’s fascinating how they manage to balance their responsibilities with taking care of their own well-being! So next time you’re on a plane, you can rest assured that the pilots have had some quality rest to keep them alert and focused."

If your panicking at the thought of every single pilot sneaking off for a nap at the same time, cool your jets.

They grab some rest at different intervals while leaving their colleagues in charge of the plane, so they can all return refreshed after a rotation.

And in case anything goes Pete Tong, each of the sleep dens is fitted with a phone which enables them to directly communicate with the cockpit.

The nap time allowance obviously varies depending on the airline, flight duration and number of pilots, but they are typically allowed a decent amount of sleep.

According to Business Insider, on a 16 hour and 30 minute flight from Doha to Auckland non-stop with Qatar Airways, each of the two crews will typically spend seven hours resting and seven hours on duty in the cabin.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/captaintewodros

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