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World’s biggest cruise ship has bizarre offer for guests which proves they thought of everything

World’s biggest cruise ship has bizarre offer for guests which proves they thought of everything

The ship boasts so many amenities you could easily live there

If you've ever been lucky enough to travel on a cruise ship, you'll know there's no experience like it.

But while all cruise ships are impressive, the Icon of the Seas is another world entirely.

The boat, which currently the largest cruise ship in the world, has pretty much everything you'd never need to live for the rest of your life, from 40 different dining and bar options to a zip line course and six different waterslides.

Seriously, you could actually live on this ship, as it has everything you'd ever need.

The Icon of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world.
Royal Caribbean

Most travellers, however, who tend to be onboard purely for holiday purposes, will probably frequent the many bars on the ship, sampling a cocktail or a bottle of wine here and there.

And, as well all know, when we're on holiday, one thing can lead to another, and before you know it, you're waking up with a pounding headache, furious at your past tense self for not sticking to your limits.

This is where it becomes apparent that the Icon of the Seas truly does have everything.

That's because if you are feeling a bit worse for wear, whether it's down to a few too many drinks at the bar or even a pesky cold you picked up somewhere along the way, the impressive ship has an extensive spa area, where you can experience some IV therapy.

It even offers IV therapy.
Getty Stock Photo

If you're not familiar with IV therapy, it's where nutrients and hydration are delivered into the body using an intravenous drip that allows the contents to flow directly into the blood stream.

For some it might sound a little extreme, but it is very quickly becoming a popular fad among the health and fitness crowd.

In addition to the IV therapy offerings, passengers can also access all the classic treatments you'd expect to receive at a spa, from massages and facials to hair dressing and nail treatments.

It's no wonder that the incredible ship has been hailed as marking the beginning of a 'new era of vacations', by Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley.

The ship really does have everything.
Royal Caribbean

As per News AU, he continued: "We did it! After seven years of pursuing the bold vision to create a one-of-a-kind vacation for every type of family and adventurer, Icon of the Seas has become a reality.

"Officially naming Icon marks more than the introduction of a new ship; it is the start of a new era of vacations, and we’re excited to see tens of millions of families and friends make their mark with memories they create together and on their own adventures without compromise."

Featured Image Credit: Icon Of The Seas / Getty Stock Photo

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